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Playland PNE Group Sales Promotional Codes 2010 (and other discounts / coupons)

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. slyer_

    slyer_ New Member

    Hey, was wondering if someone could send me a code for tickets. I wanted to go tomorrow :) Thanks.
  2. slyer_

    slyer_ New Member

    Could someone PM me a code please :)
  3. roberto1000

    roberto1000 New Member

    so there are no more working codes?
  4. wendyla

    wendyla New Member

    If anyone has a code please pm me.
  5. applenhl

    applenhl New Member


    I would like to take my family to the PNE tomorrow, can someone provide me a discount code?

    Thank you for your time. :D
  6. lucashsieh

    lucashsieh New Member

    me too...thanks
  7. CRS

    CRS New Member

  8. jmwerk

    jmwerk New Member

    love this!
  9. Island Bowler

    Island Bowler New Member

    Can some one please give me a code for PNE tickets. I am coming over from the Island and any savings would help. Thanks!!!
  10. Lal

    Lal New Member

    Is the code still valid?
  11. chubbster

    chubbster New Member


    Is the code still valid?
  12. sweetpapa

    sweetpapa New Member

  13. arthurmegus

    arthurmegus New Member

  14. nonavolpe

    nonavolpe New Member

    ;) i sure hope the PNE code is valid, now i have to figure out how to post so i can access it :)
  15. applenhl

    applenhl New Member


    Does any have a PNE discount code .... I am planning to go this afternoon with my family.... Thank you
  16. tkakanowski

    tkakanowski New Member

    Super Cool!
  17. sammy258

    sammy258 New Member

    thanks so much!
  18. Gonggol

    Gonggol New Member

    Doea anyone know working code? Going to PNE in half an hour. Thanks so much
  19. eilie

    eilie New Member

    thanx a lot! i shall try to see if it works!

    too bad it expiredd, does anyone else know another code?
  20. Kinsey

    Kinsey New Member

    Heading first thing in the morning from the Island - would appreciate a Code - thanks very much
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