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Local Places for Sushi?

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by f00die, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. f00die

    f00die New Member

    I think I can eat sushi everyday - no joke! Unfortunately, my old favourite, Sushi House (in Continental Plaza, Richmond) changed owners and I don't think it's the same any more. I always looked forward to the gigantic tasty "House Rolls," which is the sushi equivalent of a burger "with the works." The rolls were pretty cheap too, for the size! (I think $5 or $6 for 5 pieces...)

    But since they changed owners, I don't find it as tasty... Does anyone have any good sushi recommendations?
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Just about every street corner has decent sushi I find =P. I think most places get their fish from Angel Seafoods.

    For higher end sushi, there's Tojo's (if you can afford it), Octopus Garden, Lime, or Blue Water Cafe's Raw Bar.

    Value: Sushi Garden, Samurai (although the last time I've had it, the rice wasn't good).

    To be honest, I usually just eat at whichever place, who knows, you might find the next hidden gem :D .
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Forgot to add, for all you can eat (AYCE), Richmond Sushi, Ninkazu (richmond) and sister restaurant Tomokazu (vancouver) are good.
  4. f00die

    f00die New Member

    Thanks for the recommendations! Yeah, I think saving up for Tojo's would be a good idea. Hopefully it lives up the expectations.

    I find that the rice for Samurai is too wet too. Also, I find that Samurai and Sushi Garden has sushi that is a tad bit too "warm".

    Maybe I just need to try more places, like you suggest. :D
  5. JimJamJum

    JimJamJum New Member

    The usual place for me is Sushi Garden right across from metrotown, it's always good. I also tried Sushi Oyama and it's pretty good also, the prices are cheap for both these restaurants and the sushi is good. Also, back when I went to school at Moscrop, I used to go to Hibiki Sushi across the street all the time, I found that place pretty decent and convenient for me lol, lord knows how much i spent eating there =S
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I don't like how busy Sushi Garden is though, feels too hectic for me to eat comfortably.
  7. JimJamJum

    JimJamJum New Member

    but i find sushi garden's service to be fairly fast considering they take so many take out orders and stuff, i just went to sushi Oyama today again, it was meh, i ordered too much to finish it the shrimp tempura in the dynamite roll wasnt fresh and the salmon in the salmon roll was all mushy so yeah ill say sushi garden is better
  8. BruiseViolet

    BruiseViolet New Member

    I am also looking for some great, new exciting to try out in Vancouver area.!!!

    If you are in town try Sabusen on Granville. It offers both sushi and korean bbq, so you have a little of both =)
    There is a Sushi King House on West Blvd, in Kerrisdale that makes MASSIVE house rolls, like the ones you mentioned. I got a California roll, spicy scallop roll, 1/2 house roll and 1/2 futomaki roll and it was just waaaay too much for my roommate and me to eat. 1/2 house roll is like the 3inches across and impossible to eat with chop sticks, you gotta get in their with your hands, haha.

    Shota Sushi and Grill in Kerrisdale, claims to be the BEST sushi in Vancouver. They are delicious but I find expensive. Lots of different variety, very fresh but pricey sashimi. Texture is lovely, real quality stuff.

    A hole in the wall place that I love so much downtown is Sushi maki on Hornby and Nelson. They make the BEST dragon rolls and several kinds of of them. Prawns a big, nice sized pieces of unagi and the avacado is hearty.

    On Burrard street, I used to go over to Osaka sushi, on the DT side just over the Burrard Bridge. They have a lot of nice specialty rolls, and do some with soy wrap, instead of seaweed and a refreshing one wrapped in cucumber. They also have lovely beef sashimi.

    Also for Japanese tapas. Try any of the three Hapa Izakaya (Yaletown, Robson, Kits)!! Each has it's own fresh list and diverse menu, so you almost have to go to all of them in order to try the best. the one in Kits has more rolls. I hear the ebi mayo is the most delicious and popular from the Kits location! And they have lovely drinks, with cute names, like Hello Kitty!

    That is only a few, but hope that helps.
  9. o

    o Junior Member

    EATERY on west broadway and collingwood :)
  10. Nomad

    Nomad New Member

    A sushi Restaurant opened in the old Spotted Prawn location 1055 Hastings (at Burrard in downtown Vancouver). It's called Miku. Cool environment and very friendly staff. Their sushi is a little unique in how they prepare it but it is so good that they don't even give you the option of soya sauce and wasabi and you definitely won't miss having it. Definitely check it out if you're looking for sushi that is a little out of the ordinary.

  11. ler_wong

    ler_wong New Member

    Ajisai in Kerrisdale
    Toshi Sushi on 16th and Main
    and of course Tojo's

    All are japanese run
  12. ler_wong

    ler_wong New Member

    Also for something different than sushi but still Japanese,
    there are the izakayas (Hapa, and all the different Guus),
    as well as the street vendor foods (japadog and bakudanyaki - do google search)!

    they are all good!
  13. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    That looks really good. How are the portions?

    For comparison, I can never be full from Guu.
  14. michmee

    michmee New Member

  15. noneother

    noneother New Member

    I've been to Sushi Garden three times and while the quality was decent, I thought the service was slow and lacking.

    As others have said, there are sushi restaurants all over the place and there are quality ones other than the "big names". I tend to frequent Tojo's or Shabusen. I go to the Shabusen on Granville St. and not the downtown one if I feel like AYCE since the menu selection is better. I also tried Sango Sushi in Port Moody recently and i thought it was quite good.
  16. chuey603

    chuey603 Junior Member

    For years, I have always gone to Samurai Sushi on Davie for my sushi fix. They have not really changed their prices (from what I remember) and their portion sizes are huge! I've never been disappointed there ..
    Also, The Eatery is fun for trying interesting rolls and their Tuna tempura is to die for!
  17. pting

    pting New Member

    For big rolls in Richmond you can try "Benzai" it's the same as Samurai Sushi on Cambie st.
    I personally like "Haichi". A smal japanese couple owned restaurant on Cambie Road in Richmond.
  18. kirasora

    kirasora New Member

    Sandbar on granville island has good sushi
  19. kooza

    kooza New Member

    Yuji's on west 4th is the best! you must try the proscuitto roll!!
  20. katwoman

    katwoman New Member

    ASA Sushi on W 41
    Guu is supposedly good and they have 2 or 3 locations i think.

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