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Petition to restrict foreign investment in Vancouver's real estate

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PWC, May 10, 2015.

  1. PWC

    PWC Guest

    It's time to stand up and protect our community—Vancouver is not for sale. The housing needs of Greater Vancouver residents are more important than the profit margins of foreign speculators. Australia has already restricted foreign investment in residential real estate—what are we waiting for? We demand that Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Gregor Robertson and all other mayors and city councillors of the Greater Vancouver Regional District introduce laws to curb foreign investment in residential real estate by the end of 2015.

  2. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    Selling off the province...one house at a time.
  3. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... i find this poll and the thinking behind it offensive. it's just xenophobic hysteria. this is all about taxes. the government just wants to use foreigners for new tax revenue schemes. and it's another example of the government's war on property owners ...

    ... how about leaving property owners alone for a change?
  4. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    Yes, but Mechanic, Canadian people need to be taken care of first. By Canadian I mean all citizens or landed immigrants who live and work in the Greater Vancouver area. Absentee landlordism may suit sellers and business people. However, it can make housing preposterously unaffordable for ordinary Canadians. It is not xenophobia, although you will encounter xenophobes. It is a need to protect Canada's middle class and the Canadian way of life.
  5. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

    It seems Asian immigrants are blamed for everything nowadays. the price of real estate market is rising everywhere in the world (especially in big cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo etc.) , but only in Canada they blame Chinese or "foreigners" for that.
    the mechanic likes this.
  6. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    Blaming of Asian immigrants goes too far, I agree with that. But not all grievances expressed by white Canadians are total nonsense. There are whites who would welcome someone like me, but have every right to be angry about those who bring unhygenic ways, create ghettos or won't learn the language. Both sides of the argument have limited merit.
  7. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

    As to "who bring unhygenic ways", I see things differently. I had a friend who is white, I saw her tach animals then eat pizza use the same hand which is unacceptable as a Chinese, Chinese always wash hands before eating. another case is when I was in college, I had a roommate from the US who takes shower twice a week when I do it twice a day .

    As to languages, there are 56 different nations in China speak 56 different languages, although Mandarin is the official languages, each nation still use their own languages between themselves, only speak Mandarin when they need to communicate with Mandarin nation. There are countless foreigners living in China who never speak Mandarin, nobody require them speak Mandarin, as long as they can communicate with Chinese people through translator, that's absolutely OK. China gives more freedom and respect to foreigners as well as to other nations than Canadians did to foreigners & visitors.

    In big cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, especially in Paris or Tokyo, nobody would be angry by foreigners's not speaking French or Japanese language. Canadians should be more open mind.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2015
  8. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    If some redneck has a problem with merely hearing a different language spoken, he needs to be told to go stuff it. But several immigrants refuse to learn English, and catering to people in other languages sometimes goes too far. If you want to live in British Columbia, be able to use English when English is required. Other than that, speak whatever you like.

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