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Finances & Real Estate Olympic Village condo owners file lawsuit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The Olympic Village condominiums have turned out to be quite a nightmare for the city. Unbelievable how shitty new buildings are, I thought Vancouver moved away from leaky condos?

    Some of the complaints:
    • Leaky windows and ceilings
    • No heating for 4 months
    • Can't fit standard sized beds in bedroom
  2. astute

    astute New Member

    Wow, I'm surprised. For that much I would thought that the it be a lot better than any of older condos.
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Full video, even shittier than I imagined. On a side note, anyone notice all the Ikea furniture?

  4. heheh

    heheh Guest

    1:51, i'd like to come in through her entrance if you know what i mean :cool:
  5. APReal

    APReal Junior Member

    Difficult situation for these buyers. Some of it, is somewhat buyer beware as in getting estimates on room sizes; but mostly construction issues that no one could have known about or expected when buying a presale.
  6. Speculators

    Speculators Guest

    They took a gamble and they lost so now they whine :rolleyes:
  7. ringo

    ringo Guest

    Very poor workmanship and layout, but that is why there is a new home warranty and the need for due diligence.

    I feel for all of you when it comes to dealing with the dificiencies, it is stressful, life disrupting, and nobody needs the hassle. The reality though is that these things do happen, that is why the new home warranty was brought in. All of the dificiency issues should be covered by warranty and made right for you. If not, then it's time for a law suit to get them fixed and to pay for any costs, but you don't get your money back.
    When it comes to layout? Sorry people, but there is such thing as a tape measure and a bit of thought! Figure out what your needs are and how big YOU need rooms to be BEFORE you buy something! If you don't like the way doors open into each other, the way light switches are placed, the size of rooms, or the types of finishes used, walk away! Don't blame anyone else for your lack of diligence.
  8. APReal

    APReal Junior Member

    These people bought at the Presale stage before construction was complete. They don't have access to measuring rooms, knowing where switches will be or seeing the final product. They likely could have measured the rooms from architectural drawings, but most buyers don't think of doing this in that situation. It's an easy and common things to overlook and assume the room sizes will accommodate as they do in the display homes.
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  9. APReal

    APReal Junior Member

    Went and looked at the Village again the other day. Condo fees in the Compass building are a whopping 63 cents/sq foot. Wow

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