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Techvibes Mobile UX Specialist / UI Designer

Discussion in 'Job Listings (Automated)' started by Job Bot, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Job Bot

    Job Bot Robotic Member

    Dynamic Leap is a software development shop based Yaletown, the vibrant and trendy tech heart of Downtown Vancouver. We attract clients from all over the world, all with unique problems that require fresh ideas and innovative solutions, ensuring that your workday will never become repetitive or stagnant. We are passionate about new technologies, and love executing our clients visions as though they were our own.

    We work really hard to ensure that everyone in our office is inspiring, smart, and works well together. It makes hiring harder, but everyday innovation and inspiration easier. As a member of our team, your design decisions will be seen and have impact on thousands of people that interact with a wide variety of our client applications worldwide.

    The Role:

    We’re looking for someone who lives for improving the user experience through clever and beautiful design. You will be driven and hands-on with all aspects of the design of mobile/web applications and websites. You’re passionate about the whole design process, from technical architecture, colour theory to A/B testing and UX best practices. You’ll work with our agile development team to create user flows, wireframe out ideas and turn them into stunning visual interfaces.

    A successful applicant will be able to support content marketing efforts with visual design (case studies, blog, social media) as well as collaborate on campaign launches (landing pages, advertising assets).

    Skills & Qualifications:

    • You have an exceptional portfolio featuring examples of UX/UI design work and a link to your personal website or web portfolio
    • 3+ years experience as a UX/UI designer or product designer
    • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch and other wireframing/prototyping tools
    • Passionate about simplification and creating intuitive interfaces
    • Strong understanding of interaction design, UX & UI principles, information architecture, processes and best practices
    • Strong attention to detail and mastery of typography, colour and layout
    • Experience using analytics data to inform design decisions
    • Results-driven, able to initiate and lead projects; work autonomously and multi-task in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
    • Self-motivated, and well-suited to design quickly, innovate and iterate
    • Exceptional communication skills, and enjoys working collaboratively with other team members
    • Ability to thoughtfully rationalize your design decisions taking into account technical limitations, customer feedback, and market research
    • Familiarity with front end web technologies including HTML/CSS/JS/PHP
    • Comfortable with a range of projects, from vague and simple, to well-defined & complex

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  2. tpram

    tpram New Member

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