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Microsoft phone scam targeting British Columbians

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mission, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. mission

    mission Full Member

    Read this on News1130, anyone receive these calls?

    Microsoft phone scam targeting British Columbians
    VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Yet another phone scam you need to be aware of. Someone is phoning British Columbians telling them they have a computer virus.

    The caller claims he's with Microsoft, and says he can fix your computer. He tells you to turn the computer on and follow his directions.

    Computer expert Peter Vogel says the problem is that person is likely getting you to install a corrupt program. "He's likely sitting there monitoring key strokes. Perhaps at some point down the road, when or if some banking information is entered, then it becomes profitable to the caller."

    The culprit could also be asking for some money upfront. "It usually involves a 'small' payment. Some accounts suggest the average payment is approaching $800."

    He says since calls seem to originate overseas there is little that local police can do about them. He's personally been targeted four times, and he knows of at least half a dozen others that have fielded the call.
  2. 604YVR

    604YVR Full Member

    My buddy got one of these. She just hung up.
  3. mission

    mission Full Member

    Smart of her.
  4. Elmware

    Elmware Full Member

    Do you think MS could handle my Linux box?

    I would like to play these bastards along for a bit before they finally realize that I am running Linux.
  5. Scissors

    Scissors Guest

    I received two such calls recently.

    The first one I dismissed off-hand. Lied and told the caller I don't have a computer.

    The second one... called me at 5:30 am, woke everyone in the house. My immediate response to her claim of "this is an urgent call about your computer" was an incredulous 'What??". She had the gall to ask "Don't you speak English?". At which point I unleashed my fury upon her, who quickly hung up.

    The interesting part to this is, I got a local number on my call display. I am wondering whether and indeed who I can report this to.
  6. mission

    mission Full Member

    They are still calling after the scam is out of the bag??
  7. miklo

    miklo Guest

    someone will always fall for it - the nigerian scams are still happening...
  8. mission

    mission Full Member

    That is why the word "gullible" exists in the dictionary...
  9. Guybrush

    Guybrush Guest

    Caller claimed to be from Microsoft customer support and said with indian accent that my pc is infected. I checked that number on a website - it's scam!
    I pointed out that I'm using a mac and not windows and hung up.
  10. Cary

    Cary Guest

    I still occasionally get these calls I just state I'm not falling for it and will never fall for it so they should stop wasting their time. Interestingly I got these calls when I was in Scotland visiting my family.
  11. Jen

    Jen Guest

    Looks like these guys are still in action---I just got exactly the same call!!! I didn't fall for it either! The guy had an east indian accent and very muffled reception- I could also hear other guys talking in the background! I guess if the police choose not to do anything, they will continue to work!

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