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Looking for someone that lives in Vancouver to help me contact a woman I like. $200 payment included

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Surething22, May 20, 2020.

  1. Surething22

    Surething22 New Member

    Hello, like the title says I'm looking for someone that lives in Vancouver to help me. You can find the woman I have in mind in a Church on a Sunday (the Church is about 6 kilometers away from the city center) I would like you to walk up to her and tell her "hey, I know this is random but there is this guy that wants to talk to you" or something like that, then call me via Viber, let me have a short conversation with her (basically I'll tell her I'm interested in getting to know her etc, shouldn't take more than 3- 4 minutes) and that's it.

    I'll send you 100 dollars via PayPal before you do anything so you know I'm not trying to waste your time or scam you in any way, there is a possibility that I might get scammed, but I tried other ways of reaching her without spending anything with no success.

    After you find her and call me from your phone via Viber (free of charge, you just need to have internet connection) and I have the short conversation with her I'll then send you the other 100 dollars.

    As what I wrote suggests we would have to exchange phone numbers so make sure you are ok with that. We can talk via Viber or WhatsApp so we can sort of "get a feel" for each other and recognize that we won't scam each other (hopefully). I'll give you additional information when we talk, I know you just want the $200 and not to talk for hours, so we can make it as short (or as long for that matter) as you want.

    Please note that's 200 Canadian dollars, it's not any other currency, it is Canadian dollars.

    Im not sure if people would be interested, however if I do get a few interested people, please understand I need only one, and don't get mad if I already made a deal with someone.

    Email me at [email protected]
  2. Surething22

    Surething22 New Member

    That's just mail.com, not Gmail.

    Thank you :)
  3. bruh

    bruh Guest

    yeah I'm not going to help stalk someone for you bro, that's creepy
  4. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Um... Why not just get in touch with the church? Or mail a note to the church?
  5. NoCaCa

    NoCaCa Guest

    This smell like something illegal.

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