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~Logical fallacies & Cognitive Distortions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oliver Koslik, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member


    Logical fallacies are massive contributors
    towards unnecessary societal misunderstandings,
    misrepresentations, and misinterpretations, of fact.

    Personally, I (and most probably most all) are subject to them from
    the ignorance and idiocy of people who don't; know better / care who they manipulate.
    Logical fallacies are rooted in; government, our social structure, financial system,
    environmental awareness, the criminal justice system, religion, the media... etc.

    All because we accept information blindly (ie: indoctrinated/"brainwashed"),
    from bias sources who don't follow the rules themselves. Sources that are
    unaccountable and irresponsible. Such as corrupt authorities,
    who have no oversight. (Appeal to authority)

    Learning logical fallacies makes it possible to repel manipulation and lies.
    Learning such information is like kryptonite to foolish people who impose their beliefs on others.
    (ie: Appeal to tradition + Appeal to popularity etc...)

    Google has some great infographs on logical fallacies.
    The website logfall has some great definitions and explinations.
    Master lists comprise of 200+ logial fallacies,
    but only 20-30 of them are common.

    Always consider your sources, their interests, and their biases.
    Furthermore, consider their intent, is it contributing
    towards the problem, or towards resolution?

    Society is evolving

    P.S. Don't let anyone back up their logical fallacies with - cognitive distortions - either!!

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