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Students Internships and voluntary work with CEC-Togo ! (Western Africa)

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by joeclark, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. joeclark

    joeclark Junior Member

    Hello guys,

    CEC-Togo (Carrefour d'Echanges Culturels / Crossroad for Cultural Exchanges) is a Togolese civil-society organization promoting international solidarity and development. We organize internships and volunteer opportunities in various sectors such as health, the environment and education. We have built stable and serious partnerships with many public and private Togolese institutions (NGOs, health structures, schools, local governments etc.) This way we can develop our own projects, for example we organize tutoring programs with children, or sanitation campaigns by building environmentally friendly pit latrines in rural Togo. We can also organize internships with our partners :

    • If you're studying nursing or medicine, you can work in a Togolese health institution. You will discover how tropical diseases are treated and to work in a significantly different health system. You'll also be able to organize awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS or malaria.

    • If you're a graduate student in psychology, we can also provide for internships with the Psychology and Psychiatry Hospital in Lomé.

    • If you're a studying to become a special education teacher, you can work with orphans, children from the street, and underprivileged or handicapped children. We have strong partnerships with many NGOs working in the field.

    • We also organize workshops so that you can learn Togolese arts and crafts with our local volunteers (Batik ; Djembe ; African dance ; Jewelry etc.)

    More than a trip, this experience is a genuine involvement. Living and working with Togolese volunteers will help you discover the Togolese culture. You will also have time to discover the country during the weekends! We usually set up our actions in Lomé (the capital), in Tsévié (a city 35km north of Lomé) and in Alokoégbé (rural town 50km from Lomé). In Togo, French is the official language, but most Togolese people are native Ewe or Kabiye speakers. English, on the other hand, is barely never spoken. This is why we ask our interns and volunteers to have a good working knowledge in French.


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