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Information on a criminal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mcnabb101, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. mcnabb101

    mcnabb101 Guest

    Latto Sesay, this is not a personal attack on you by any meens. This is information for the public. They deserve to know.
    Latto is a ranked gang member from Toronto now in Vancouver. I'm posting this because he's such a nice charming charismatic guy. He stopped gangbanging when he was shot but I know first hand that they still want him dead because his best friend killed a gang leader from nearby. Anyone with him is at risk so women beware. They'll get him eventually I'm sure. He's proved hard to kill so far with all the attempts but his luck will run out eventually.
  2. Latto Sesay

    Latto Sesay Guest

    This is Latto Sesay writing in response to this slanderous, I'll willed blog. This mess that somehow passes for truth because it's online. I am not, nor have I ever been associated with anything resembling a gang. This is an attempt to assassinate my character and good name by an evil vindictive female with nothing better to do. I urge anybody reading this to disregard both this and the previous blog that you'll find on google. This is unfounded propaganda and utter trash with no basis in reality now or ever.
  3. Roxanna

    Roxanna Guest

    Man has bars
  4. Latto Sesay

    Latto Sesay Guest

    Thank you!
  5. Whispers

    Whispers Guest

    The minute something goes sour, boom your on the net typing up bull about that person.
    I don't understand why some women do this,it's not like you get brownie points.
    Your post is absurd,and should be deleted!.
    #TeamLatto ❤
  6. rwf

    rwf Guest

    he lives by trout lake in vancouver.
  7. ElliottMoose

    ElliottMoose Guest

    This article should be removed. It violates the website's Terms and Conditions. His personal life is his business and posting where he lives is wrong.

    Latto is not a bad person. He is complex and is an example of what happens to people that fall into the confines of the system. If you want to focus your attention on anything it should be on improving rehabilitation of people who have been to prison and long term coping skills for re-entering society. You haven't walked a day in his shoes and until you have...mind your own.
  8. JimBeam

    JimBeam Guest

    He's a registered national sex offender and a convicted child molester. Do your research.
    WhoDat likes this.
  9. LoveAngel

    LoveAngel Guest

  10. Not ill willed I know you and known you. She's told part of your terrible story!
  11. Boy oh Boy

    Boy oh Boy Guest

    This man's real name is Brendan Kyle Bredow and is a registered sex offender. He is in BC currently and before that Hamilton and the large Lindsey prison. He is nice at first and charming after a while he becomes violent towards you and dangerous. Gang or not protect you, your children and those you love! Stay away from him!!!
  12. WhoDat

    WhoDat New Member

    Aren't you that same piece of shit lowlife who attacked a man in Victoria because you stepped in pee in an alleyway?
  13. Kim.e

    Kim.e Guest

    I know my opinion probably holds no weight, but i spent some time with this guy on a couple of occasions a couple years ago when i met him, and he was totally awesome and a complete gentleman, whom i had some great conversations with and a great time. This is not to say that i stand by or against the claims made against him, but i thought it somehow worthwhile to maybe add my two cents. In my experience, Latto was rad,
  14. actually it was mayor lisa helps that did that
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2019

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