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In this God Friday...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by igor, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. igor

    igor Junior Member

    We remember Jesus the brave Galilean PhOeNiCiAn, killed by the Jews, Jesus who raised from death, Jesus who gave us a unique doctrine that has nothing to with Jewish believes, because Jesus is not Jew, He is the direct son of God, and came to this world to end a false teaching and imposition that only Jews are the chosen ones, (most fascist statement of history) for God We are all chosen by Him.

    Christians are being persecuted by more than two thousand years, and being accused of being anti Semitic, just because we remember who killed Jesus, and threatened and intimidated for saying Our history as Christians, but have no fear, the force of Jesus is with You, and Our history of persecution has come to an end, because we will stick together all Christians of all denominations listen Jesus is the direct son of GOD, note that is not the son nor the messiah of the Jews, is the unique God of those who embrace Him and follow Him with faith and the same courage that Jesus showed when He stud by His teachings with heroic and stoic resolve.

    happy Easter.

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