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I feel exploited and deceived

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Worry Resident, Jun 24, 2013.


Do You feel that Home Taxes are unfair?

  1. Yes

    6 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  1. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... here's part one of a two-part article i've written exposing the BC government's property tax scam ...

    ... link here: PROPERTY TAX WAR PART ONE

    ... i'll post a link to part two when i publish it next month ...
  2. No Please.

    No Please. Guest

    I would like to see the link but is not working.
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  3. Joe

    Joe Full Member

    15400th message in General discussions!
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  4. I'm not joking!

    I'm not joking! Junior Member

    How does it sound to You guys the possibility of a class action against the Government? I think property taxes are unconstitutional. Any lawyer in the forum willing to follow up on this?
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  5. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... hello No Please. thank you for your comment ...

    ... i'm sorry the link isn't working for you. however, if you'd like to read the article go to my website callumhouston.com and click on the link at the top of the page entitled "stuff i've seen in powell river #26" ...

    ... thanks again for your reply!
  6. igor

    igor Junior Member

    You talk like a politician, would be a heaven for You if income tax is abolished since affects Your fat salary coming from property taxes.

    Government don'y build roads every year or schools or parks, property taxes need to be revised and residents shouldn't be taxed every year, residents should be taxed ONLY when a service is needed and reviewed by the community if in reality is a priority and needed, roads are paid from gasoline, schools from monthly fees, libraries (if somebody goes there) receive donations in books and late fees, but with the internet who goes to libraries? Transportation is also financed by residents paying excessive parking fees, TransLink tax on gasoline and another Translink tax on property taxes, now they want .5% over the PST and the problem with the scam continues with demands from an unaccountable organization of well organized crime. what the government is doing against residents is not legal.
    The system should change, and will only change if the residents of this province get together and fight for Your right to defend what is yours.
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  7. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... absolutely, igor. we should only be asked to pay for "services" we're using, and charged accordingly and appropriately!
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  8. WestEnd guy

    WestEnd guy Guest

    I find Your idea about taxes very interesting and innovative, and in fact why do We have to pay taxes every year? I support the idea of paying only when necessary as a collective measure to solve a community needs ONLY when needed, paying every year politicians for talking people in to paying more taxes is ludicrous, when You come to think how we fall for those who call themselves "honourable" I feel sick to my stomach.
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  9. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... here's the conclusion of my two-part article about the property tax scam the BC government perpetrates against homeowners ...

    ... link here: PROPERTY TAX WAR PART TWO

    ... as well, here's a video i made criticizing the property tax scam:

    ... i got some feedback on this subject and the response was unanimous: WE'RE PAYING WAY TOO MUCH TAX!
  10. I'm not joking!

    I'm not joking! Junior Member

    They are not in drugs, they know who You are and is been said in this thread that they single out every one who protest against taxes, the government made You a target for the HATE TAX. by the way great page You have on the web, good job!
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  11. taxes are going to be higher every year as You said, what really pisses Me off is that with lower gasoline prices every Country in Europe is passing the savings to consumers but here all is more expensive, higher taxes have no justification, I remember that Darrel Mussato said that with more construction in the North Shore will be less taxes, now We are crowded and overvalued in property assesments because this lower interest rates give a lot of margin to real state companies to inflate property prices in a worldwide environment in which everything is more affordable.
    TansLink keeps asking for money like beggars with a stick forcing people to pay for a failure of administration who in turn only know to extend a hand asking for MO' Money or I shoot! All is related all implicates voracity extortion fraud and lies.
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  12. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... excellent post, Scrambled eggs! well said! :up:
  13. Buck One

    Buck One Guest

    Good job Callum! Property Taxes are unconstitutional, they where imposed to pay for WWII, and income tax too, no need for that anymore, but Countries like Iraq and many more in the Middle East don't have property taxes or income tax whatsoever, that is why the West is trying to destroy them to silence societies/Countries who can survive without exploiting thier Citizens.
    another poster said that property taxes must be in a pay as You go basis, that might be a solution but I still feel more inclined to a share from Natural Resources to pay for services, after all We are Canadians therefore We are Canada. BC has a lot of that natural resources and the public servants who became rogue administrators are claiming all for them, even Our daily bread, I like many of You struggle for food and medicine, sometimes I think some day I will lose My home and for sure I am going to kill myself, I don't want to be homeless, and seeing others living in My home while that fat government is laughing at My expense.
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  14. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... outstanding commentary, Buck One! :up:
  15. milanooco

    milanooco New Member

  16. igor

    igor Junior Member

    Here You see Ladies and Gentlemen, note how politicians scorn and mock the efforts of regular residents to have a better life, scum like "milanooco" is what We have in the government, and that scum is showing what they think about Your life, they laugh at You! They despise everyone, They feel that they are untouchables.
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  17. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... it's a horrible political system in place in BC, igor. and change will never come from within. the government must go ...
  18. ExCuSMe!

    ExCuSMe! Guest

    I have an Idea to avoid Home Taxes, is simple and can work right away, dividing every City, District and Rural Communities in sections of 25 acres each and every improvment needed will be prorated among those who are an integral part of that small Habitat, ( is a start) You Ladies and Gents can weight in with Your ideas.
    Those who need school will pay for it, those who don't need it will not pay, those who need for garbage and recycling can sell it to the companies who buy them because now You can't sell is a monopoly for the government.
    At the present time We are paying for John Doe and TransLink, and for other areas that We don't even knew exist, like Callum said services that makes Us go WTFook?
    Reducing Habitat to 25 acres is more control and less scam, and We don't need permission from the government to take charge and see if really, and I mean REALLY REALLY A SERVICE IS NEEDED!

    Thanks Forum Vancouver for the chance to post and try to make some good to My fellow Vancouverites.

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  19. Sergey

    Sergey Guest

    Coincidently a group of friends and Me talk often about how society came to this point in which everybody is frustrated with a vicious circle that takes You to work mostly to pay for Your Taxes, a big chunk of those taxes are income tax and property tax, and We all agree that in a society in which people is not happy something must be done to change the status quo.

    Some of You said that the elected representatives are administrators of the particular resources a Country have, but not the Owners who decide alone where the gains should go, and this is where the problem started, as an example I am going to relate that before the separation of the Church from the State there was no Property Taxes nor Income tax, Only was a Tithe or a voluntary 10% of what You gain during one year, and I repeat since it was ecleciastical was voluntary, so certain groups who are the ancestors of the present vultures in the government of any Western Country displaced the Church taking over Your finances and since then everyone of You is under threath of being criminalized if You don't pay Taxes, this is what makes You unhappy, is what makes You feel buyers remorse because You are educated to bend and take it up Your ass and You like it because You are an idiot who thinks that nothing can be done about this criminal and illegal system in which Human Rights turns a blind eye while many of You are loosing Your house, or are in debt because what You earn doesn't belong to You, belongs to the parasites who have an Army, and not happy with the local resources they go and steal from other Countries, like the Americans and the UK, demonizing riders who are a good example of a well structured society.
    Think of this situation like a conquest, Your government is the Conquistador and Your are the slaved fool who has no guts to get rid of that yoke and instead of braking that yoke You lick it.
    If You think that the situation will improve by itself think again, Our Country is now part of allied forces dedicated to loot other Countries under false pretences and this war is costing You money, apart from the fact that the present federal government is been draged by Our "friends" the Americans, We are going to have terrorism in Canada because We are provoking that terrorism with illegal actions in which only the VIP's cover their asses leaving You vulnerable to an attack when You didn't had anything to do.
    They call it "Terrorism" I call it provocation.
    I am sorry to mix up all this but I feel is related to the high cost from property taxes to income tax and food prices, since the Uk controlled the International Food Bank things are getting bad, think and extend Your ideas, watch and deduct how do You think We came to the present situation? an unhappy society.
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  20. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... magnificent post, Sergey! thank you for taking the time to compose it and share it with us! :up:

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