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I feel exploited and deceived

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Worry Resident, Jun 24, 2013.


Do You feel that Home Taxes are unfair?

  1. Yes

    6 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  1. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... i've said it before and i'll say it again -- the best way to fight property taxes is to simply refuse to pay them. if you're serious about protesting this totally criminal form of extortion then you won't pay those racketeering gutter scoundrels in government a damn penny! yes, the government will probably have a reaction, but it's the only way to meaningfully protest this unfair tax!
  2. Valery

    Valery Guest

    Have You done it? I am willing to go ahead and do it if enough residents in the province would do it. After all they can't criminalize democracy, or can they...?
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  3. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... have i refused to pay taxes to the crown? you bet! all the time!

    ... however, i've never held back property tax out of fear of having to go to war with the bc government. is my fear justified? i don't know. maybe you can get away with not paying your property tax. but the truth is, the only way to meaningfully combat this extortionate annual levy is by withholding payment from those simpleminded gangster thugs ...
  4. Valery

    Valery Guest

    I will go all the way and I am sure that others will follow, today I am reading in the news about Todd Stone, BC's Transportation Minister, He is pushing back a referendum for
    The voters to decide the priorities of translink, surly Mr. Stone know that We are fedd up with this money grab machine who scam money from taxpayers and dreaming to build an empire over the back of the working class in the province, like IF We are slaves...? Mr. Stone has given a dead line to mainland mayors, How about if for a change We declare Translink dead...? Why in the world do we have to finance transportation in BC without an audit? =because they make loads of money only form advertising on buses who knows how much they make if not billions, advertising is expensive.
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  5. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... great post above, Valery! love the attitude, love the wisdom, love the knowledge, love the truth!

    ... like i say, since we're chained to an annual (and illegal) taxation scam by a lawyer-controlled gangster thug government it's simply not possible to say that we actually OWN our own property here in british columbia. who owns it? that's quite easy to see -- the authority to whom we pay the annual rent, in my case that authority being the minster of finance in victoria. victoria???? yes, victoria, even though i reside in powell river!

    ... the fact that i pay property tax to an authority NOT in the region in which i live but instead to a city HUNDREDS OF MILES away from where i reside proves that this levy is TOTAL FRAUD!!!
  6. Valery

    Valery Guest

    Property taxes are supposed to help the community, How in the world they help Powell River..? somebody is taking a big chunk before returning the proceeds of those taxes to Your community, This is what is driving people crazy, You pay taxes in hopes that those elected in Your City give clear account of where is the money going and how much the community really needs, And You expect that those taxes are based in the original value that You paid for Your home, and not in a fictive feverish imagination saying that You home is worth millions when You only paid thousands, like the person who said He/She is paying almost the same paid in a 7 million home, that is outrageous! I agree with You, We don't own Our homes, and if We don't straight this situation by force, politicians will not give up because greed makes them crazy and willing to go all the way.
    unfortunately every transition is painful, and I know I will have a hard time and maybe loose My home, But I am willing to make history the way is done, by sacrificing Myself for My fellow Citizens, I will not pay taxes until an audit is done to the whole Government machine of tax grab.

    And You there in Powell River, need to make an investigation on the way You taxes are handled.
  7. tMoses Yoon

    tMoses Yoon Junior Member

    The Government rewards those who are entrepreneurial. Become self-employed and you can save on average $300-$500 a month in taxes. Thank you for raising an opinion on this forum about property taxes but the Government does not have an account on this forum. There are organizations that do try to educate people and raise a voice against the Government on certain issues but they are often too small to be heard. Perhaps you should join one. While we live in a democratic society it seems not enough people actually care. Lawyers themselves aren't bad. Citizens just aren't educating themselves on the laws and are too busy junking their minds watching TV. I spend less than a dollar a day to get advice from a lawyer whenever I want. People often get themselves into legal trouble because they don't get good advice in the first place.

    Employees are just corporate slaves and it has always been that way. It is very hard to get wealthy off of wages. Employers pay employees just enough so they don't quit. They threaten to fire them if they don't work hard. This is life for someone that isn't in control of their own financial future. There is no security in a job. Nobody dreams about remaining an employee for the rest of their lives. The problem is there are too many employee minded people in the world today and not enough entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are simply those who like to take risks and know that profits are better than wages.

    Don't complain about the way things are until you put yourself in the Government's shoes. The Government is always busy giving away freebies to low-income families as is. If you don't like something you should do something about it. Complaining is as childish as a full grown adult screaming at his mother for giving him vegetables instead of cake.

    The fact that the average income has been rising quicker than the average cost of living is no secret. Everyone knows that. But does anyone do anything about it? Heck no. They continue to live the same way, earn the same amount, work the same amount, and aren't investing in their own future. If you have a pulse and know that a huge percentage of our society isn't going to be able to afford a home or retirement it may be time to take action. Why not figure out a way to start a business. If you are tight on funds consider starting a home-based business where you can build leverage. A job can leave a bitter taste in your mouth when you've been working at a place for 40 years and realize that you now need to live off of 40% of what you could barely live off of before. You need to create your own security.

    There are those who are living a modest life and start cutting back on things. Then there are those who earn more than just enough to get by because they are preparing for the future. Most people live a modest lifestyle and pride themselves in being frugal or cheap (not good when you consider people need to earn more not remain the same). There are a few who buy things with money that they don't have using their credit cards. Then there are those who have financial intelligence and are entrepreneurial, build leverage, create multiple streams of income, and investment accounts. People who make money keep making a lot of money. People who try to live modestly actually get increasingly poorer each year. The solution is to strive to earn more. Read a lot of books and learn from wealthy people. They leave everything out there for the world to see.

    Complainers spend all their time complaining about the Government and how wealthy people are greedy and screwing them over. If you are someone living a modest means and have a negative view of wealthy people and believe that money is the root of all evil then guess what? You will never attract financial wealth or abundance into your own life. You are subconsciously sabotaging your own efforts and thus stuck in the quagmire of mediocrity. We live in a capitalist society that rewards entrepreneurs. Do wealthy people wake up one day and concern themselves with the rising cost of goods? No because they are too busy running multiple businesses.
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  8. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... in response to the above post, the hard reality of the matter is that most property owners are utterly enraged about the amount of money they have to pay in tax even though they receive ABSOLUTLELY NOTHING in return for the money they pay and they are TOTALLY JUSTIFIED in their outrage!
  9. Valery

    Valery Guest

    Thank You Mr. or Mrs. Government representative for the great lecture on how to work more for the Government to screw more the residents of this Province, We really appreciate Your concern and Yes will work more so You can raise more Our Property taxes and all You can think to make more money.
    But You are missing the point here, But don't worry You didn't err by much, just a Godzilla hair,
    It happens that does no matter how much You make, People care about expenses and taxes and is important to know where is Our money going and We want an audit to see if the government can justify those taxes.
    But since You don't complain and want residents to work more without thinking in retired seniors who don't have the health nor the strength to keep working, why don't You set an example? Since You seem so eager to please the government why don't You offer Your great success and pay for Our taxes no questions ask? Is Your Own advice, because the way I see it You just want people to Shut Up and Put Up! work work work! give more money and shut up.
    this is no way of approaching a thread in which We are dealing with a serious matter.
    In first instance taxes where placed in the WWII, to pay for Our troops, now there is no war, and the mechanics of the government using BC assessment (cost money) to give a market value of Our properties (fiction since we haven't sell Our home) and pay taxes for a value that do NOT exist...?

    You can do better that that. No wonder why all moses get lost in the desert.
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  10. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... extremely well said, Valery!

    ... we don't get piss-all for the taxes we pay and even if we did get something in return for it, we JUST CAN'T AFFORD to pay the onerous fines they're making us shell out every year. problem is, with the communists in power in lawyer-controlled british columbia they think it's their RIGHT to take money from us. it's an entitlement ideology, a diseased, criminal way of thinking, and those who think that way must be purged from government, either through lawful means or by the revolution that is destined to take place ...
  11. marcuca

    marcuca New Member

    Thank you all for speaking up! I couldn't read all the posts, there are just to many. If anyone does read my comment THANK YOU. Simply this issue is international, we live in an global financial system, we are affected by all financial actions that take place internationally. I have been an activist for three years, I knew nothing about the solutions but only saw problems. Today, the only thing I can recommend is thinking global, outside the box, and looking for a solution outside the box.

    "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it" - Einstien

    Believe me when I say to you, you can change all this by taking action and signing this petition, it's new and it needs your help. Look into it, contact me [email protected] if you want more information. Please sign the petition, because it's the only thing that can make a real change for the future.

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  12. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... like i said before, it's ridiculous that i live in powell river yet pay my taxes to another municipality, that municipality being victoria. presumably all other rural property tax payers in the province also pay their taxes to victoria. what a windfall for victoria that is!!! they're just raking in the bucks! yet we don't get any services in return for the tax we pay!

    ... and let me ask you this: what other investment do you have that you pay tax on every year whether or not you get a gain on that investment or not? none!!! all other investments are taxed on interest, dividends or capital gains! but with property we have to pay crazy taxes even if the value is assessed to have decreased and even though we don't make any friggin' money of the blasted investment! utterly whacko!!!

    ... then if you do sell the investment you have to pay even more nutso taxes on the sale!!! wow! are we getting screwed by the current regime or what!?!?!? yes!!!

    ... ultimately, it seems to me that i shouldn't be paying the property tax at all -- the owner should be paying the tax, that owner being the minister of finance in victoria!
  13. Valery

    Valery Guest

    Somebody is trying to derail this thread to other issues, This is not a global problem and it has nothing to do with the banks, this is a problem created by the current government and TransLink. and this is that should concern to all of Us in this province. We must rally and show to the mercenaries that enough is enough! We are no idiots willing to please fat irresponsible greed! The government should be accountable, We are willing to send Our troops to fight for freedom! But We are not willing to fight for Our freedom at home! This is outrageous!
    Rally I say!
  14. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... as stated, i'm billed annually by the municipality of victoria for property taxes even though i live in friggin' powell river! and even though i pay victoria a very substantial annual chunk of cash ever year, the services i use in powell river are being downsized and even voided altogether. one example is the powell river ferry which the government ELMINATED OUTRIGHT this year! this is total insane extortion by a bunch of unelected whacko nutcase fraudsters in the gangster thug bc government! what a total joke!!!
  15. Randy

    Randy Guest

    good days to rally are in the spring/summer, is when people goes out, lets do it.
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  16. Is the whole system, the government and all those institutions to create taxes, we need to go against the fat fish responsible for this disgraceful actions against residents of BC, living in this province is like being robbed every day, I can see that many had mentioned the natural resources exploited in this rich province, not shared with residents, the government had taken procession and with no accountability whatsoever has been evading an audit, this means they have something to hide, we have a responsibility for our children, we must push for better living condition and more dignifying future for new generations, we have a lot of work to do, but first is accountability, those responsible must face the justice system if we find them in guilty, misery is everywhere every day, from taking the bus to taking Your car, we have to save more to pay taxes putting aside our retirement or a long waited vacation, is a burden, a nightmare, and we must do something.
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  17. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... another mindblowing fraud the bc liberal government perpetrates against property owners every year is that crazy appeal system they wag in our face like a carrot regarding their assessment of the value of your property ...

    ... for one thing, the value of private property should be just that -- PRIVATE! it's not the business of bureaucrats in government! further, it's not the government's totally irrational value assessments that need to be appealed anyway. the assessment is completely irrelevant. who cares what the crown deems as the value of our property? it's the frickin' bill they issue afterwards every year that should have an appeal mechanism built into it. it would be very, VERY easy to shoot those bills down on basic legal grounds as total unjustifiable criminal fraud because, in my case anway, they don't provide me with ANY of the services they say they do in the invoice!

    ... the current regime of scumbag gangster thug criminals in british columbia must be booted out NOW!
  18. I am glad to see that not all residents are tamed, the people united is never defeated!
    Look everyone! Do You want better life for Your children? Fight for it, We must rally against the powerful and evasive public servants. If You take up You're A.s.s what they are doing to You, then thats Your business, But not Me, Better to die standing than to live kneeling.
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  19. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... thanks for your reply, Edwin!

    ... the government is a union of crooks, scoundrels and pirates charging on peaceful civilians like a brigade. but a line must be drawn before we're slaughtered like
    the indians in the old west!

    ... the thing is, canadians need to wake up and realize that we DO NOT have property rights in this country. and we need to fight for those rights. like it or not, our land is owned by the crown. the whole notion of property ownership is an illusion and fraud fed to us by the government ...

    ... it's time canadians took notice and stood up and started fighting for the right to own property INDEPENDENTLY of the government!
  20. Adrian

    Adrian Guest

    I came across this thread and realized that in fact we don't own our property like the mechanic said.
    is a burden to pay thousands for home taxes every year, I don't think that is completely necessary to pay those taxes in a regular basis, reason being that we already pay for services like hydro and fortis,
    gasoline and tuition for schools, You name it, We pay provincial taxes either in shopping or income tax, plus federal taxes, and if You keep doing the math, is when You realize that we are working only to sustain the whims of politicians.
    I too feel exploited and deceived, is like a wave of voracity, a decease infecting everyone and making You sick.
    property taxes are around the corner and I will go to support the rally.

    When I saw two weeks ago a bunch of losers asking to legalise marihuana, I thought to myself,
    "Are we willing to fight for something really important"? taking the time and effort to fight for a cause that represent our future I say it is important.

    How about if we rally on Victoria Day...?
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