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I feel exploited and deceived

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Worry Resident, Jun 24, 2013.


Do You feel that Home Taxes are unfair?

  1. Yes

    6 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  1. Every year I see how difficult is to pay My home taxes, I struggle more and more to pay for groceries, medicine, clothes, I see that the greater part of My yearly salary is taken by the government in ways such as gasoline, Translink demands, toll bridges, parking (for Translink) miscellaneous charges on utilities and carbon tax together with the environmental tax levy.
    But what really makes Me feel exploited is home taxes relapsing all mothers of calamities over You hard earned macaroons, and how this government in BC has managed to make Your life impossible exploiting You like a slave who works only to pay taxes and making Our lives a living hell.

    With the price of gasoline food became more expensive, medicine too, clothing and home repairs skyrocketed, so I say to myself, is this what Our province has become? A group of so called public servants who promised better life for all, is giving You hell! While they are giving bigger salary to themselves, while they spend Our money in luxury hotels and abundant food, I see the poor on the streets begging for a dime, I see My children dreaming with a better world, Does politicians stop and think about the people? It is not called treason to You fellow citizens when You take all under false pretences? Where is accountability?
    some candidates promise lower taxes, but no one single of them promise to take those taxes hurting people, is like going to the local market and hear vendors saying "in this store We screw You less"
    We are taking shit every year, and We do nothing! We became tamed and docile and succumb to exploitation. Unless...We organize! Reclaim Your dignity!
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  2. lumix

    lumix Full Member

    Some employers are not even giving raises and prices have gone up..
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  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  4. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    What you have said is true, you should work as a politician to change that for us, the first thing please just cancel the home taxes for residents of BC.

    GOD Bless You............
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  5. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... yes, property taxes are a joke tantamount to fraud. thanks for bringing the issue up ...

    ... for instance, a whole two-thirds of my tax bill supposedly goes to pay for schools. however, not only do i not have children so i don't use the school system, but in the community i live in they're actually tearing down the majority of the schools because the town is shrinking in size. plus there's a police tax and considering the abuse i've been subjected to by the cops the tax makes me livid. and why should only property owners have to pay these taxes and no one else? holy smokes are we at war in bc ...

    ... i'm going to write a story about on my website in the near future in which i'm going to detail what a total joke the property tax bill the bc government issues every year is ...
  6. working bum

    working bum Guest

    how come that we have to pay for a market value that is created by real state companies in combination with the BC assessment if we have not sold our home, i paid 200k for my house and taxes are based on 900,000 for "market value", where is My gain? this is a total rip off.
    how can we stop this?
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  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Do you enjoy your healthcare, infrastructure and education? Somebody has to pay for it.

    Btw, it's generally regarded that residential property taxes are relatively low (depending on your municipality). It's the business owners that have to pay the lion's share. There are certainly other taxes that are more controversial.

    The province of BC also has a tax deferral program for seniors.
  8. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    Thump-up for you.....
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  9. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    Let us all march to Robson street and protest.......
    Let us agree on one day in August.
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  10. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    You are right, take it from somewhere else, BUT PLEASE leave our properties alone, let us enjoy our sleep without thinking of a harden on our back.
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  11. EXCUSE ME!

    EXCUSE ME! Guest

    How about You politicians... Do You enjoy all the gains from natural resources? Do You enjoy Your big salary and luxurious celebrations with expensive wines? Why don't We get Our share of those natural resources? Do You deny that this resources belong to every single Canadian?

    Well? Do You deny that?
    So? Where is the money going? Look around You! I see poverty in every home, I see the suffering in My family when I have to pay $5000,00 in home taxes, I see broken dreams, I see illness without the possibility to buy medicine, I see a prison of four walls because going for a drive cost You a fortune in gasoline, Parking, toll, Insurance, and a modest snack, while You Politicians are having fun with Our money! I see a future in which I will have to live on the street because I will not be able to pay My property taxes, I see a plan from You politicians to to take My house and sell it without any regard for a fellow Canadian, But I also see people opening their eyes and realizing that if We don't do nothing will be abused until the end of Our last cent.
    The Canadian Taxpayers Association is doing nothing! and is part of the mechanics to appease You.
    We need to wake up and smell the coffee, that is while You have spare change to buy one...
    I see property taxes going to 10,000 or 20,000 so You guys be careful and react that this is a very serious matter, loosing a home is not something you can take lightly.
    Natural Resources are more than enough to finance the province and get Your share of the royalties.
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  12. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... thank you for your reply ...

    ... and you're absolutely right. the "value" of a property is totally irrelevant if you don't intend to sell your home, or if, in other cases, that you aren't ABLE to sell the property due to liens, co-ownership, no buyers interested in purchasing your property, etc. ...

    ... if the crown assesses your property at $500K but nobody is willing to purchase it for that amount or any other amount is it really worth $500K ?
  13. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    Thump-up for you, better yet you can email it to the "Vancouver Sun" or "24 Hours", maybe they would publish it under the readers opinion section.
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  14. Organize

    Organize Guest

    We need to organize and to contact Bill Vander Zalm, For him we defeated the HST and with him this is possible, if any of You have a way to show Him this thread will be great!
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  15. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    OK, do we have politicians here on this MB to do that......
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  16. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... if you're serious about protesting your property tax bill then don't pay it, simple as that ...

    ... another way of fighting your property tax bill is by submitting a countertax to the government. here's how you do that:

    1. when you receive your property tax assessment, submit a bill of your own for $1,000 to the finance minister (or whoever you pay the tax to) charging the crown for "reviewing" the document.

    2. when you receive your property tax bill, submit a bill of your own for $1,000 to the finance minister (or whoever is asking you for payment) charging the crown for "reviewing" the document.

    3. when you pay your property tax bill, submit a bill of your own for $1,000 to the finance minister (or whoever is asking you for payment) charging the crown for remitting payment to them.

    ... it is completely legal to do this and the government is aware of this practice; their lawyers and consultants do it all the time ...
  17. Look folks:
    For Me is the District who sends the taxes not the minister of finances.
    Once i tried to make them understand that taxes are based on fictional market valued that is not applicable to Our properties, as you all know. if you don't sell how can you pay over an assessment value over your house that doesn't exist?
    In North Vancouver DIstrict, since the government of richard walton started property taxes had increased every year without any justification at all. only for school we pay 1,399.99 and most schools are now closed
    for translink 322.35 please remember that trans-crooks are not accountable and God knows what they are doing with Our money.
    waste 200 ( it was one time that Laidlaw offered to do the solid waste pick up for free but the council didn't admit this)
    water increasing every year before walton it was 150 now 595
    In fact we are the underdogs fighting a malign force that does not admit an audit and inform residents if this taxes are justifiable and taking in to consideration all Natural Resources and how much is the share of the five million british columbians.
    i bet that if we have our share of natural resources the government will owe to bc residents billions plus interest.
    lets see for example: translink wants 23 billion this only for the patullo bridge, well, 23 million divided by 5 million is 4,600,6000 per resident, now i ask calmly HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SPECT WE COME WITH THAT AMOUNT? WE DON'T SHIT MONEY AND WE ARE NOT YOUR DONKEYS.

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  18. van7

    van7 Junior Member

    That is for me, but what about the others!, we should all protest to have our voices heard.......
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  19. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... wow! no wonder you're pissed!

    ... i feel the same way. i pay about $2,000 a year for schools but, as i've stated, i never have used this "service" and never will -- i don't have kids!

    ... that's why i say these bills are fraud: it's not lawful to bill people for services they don't use ...
  20. I know that some residents had complained years before Me with the district the reason of this complaint is the assessed value of His/Her home, all of them think this is not realistic, is not ethical nor moral, and requested an audit to find how much Our community needs, And how much is the share from natural resources, but there is always reprisals against those who complain being target one by one of home tax increases and assessment value of their homes, this poor guys are struggling to pay property taxes, just like Me, and when they talk about that experience with the dnv they lower their voice with fear of being heard.
    Most of us are working blue collar individuals with no much of means to defend our patrimony other than shut up and pay.

    I think that the only way is to ask Marketplace to do an investigation, I don't know if they would accept this, another way is to write a letter of complain to the supreme court of Canada, but forget about human rights they only are there to have a salary and do nothing about everything.
    In doing Your part we help each other and making noise with the media who knows... maybe just maybe will get some justice.
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