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How to Solve "Spot the Difference" Puzzles like a Pro

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Kalista

    Kalista Guest

    Dang, I can get the two images to overlap, but once they get close to lining up, my eyes aren't sure where to focus and I lose it just before the middle image comes clear. I'll have to try it when my eyes aren't so tired.
  2. Kalista

    Kalista Guest

    Nevermind, I got it now. I had to zoom WAAAAY out until my eyes figured out where to focus, and then I gradually zoomed back in. The symbol is too small to identify unless you're at full zoom, although I still picked up some blurriness/distortion in that area. Couldn't identify what was causing it until I zoomed back in, though.

    The star one was actually easier, although it was hard to pinpoint the exact location once I'd focused regularly again. I'm sure it'll get even easier with practice.

    This is awesome!
  3. TSands

    TSands Guest

    I was able to tell because a section was slightly blurry. I slowly put a finger from each hand on each of the pictures where I saw the blur, then refocused. I immediately saw the difference.
  4. rydersmom

    rydersmom Guest

    Maybe im stupid but i can't get it to look like 4 pictures in a row and i cant "lay the pictures on top of each other". i really wanna try this :(
  5. szimi

    szimi Guest

    holy shit! i can't believe i found the star... ! i couldn't see anything different in the 2nd part, with the Chinese symbols but the star man...it blew my mind!!! now i want to solve a lot of these spot the difference things :))
  6. benjammin

    benjammin Guest

    Dont blink, the missing or changed item will be blinking on the focused middle plane/picture. Once you blink the image resets, at least for me it does
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 5, 2014
  7. benjammin

    benjammin Guest

    The character that looks like a tic tack toe/ pound sign has a dot in the middle in one of the pictures and not the other
  8. jasburne

    jasburne Guest

    It's the hash tag looking symbol just right of the centre a couple rows down from the top. One has got a dot in the middle the other does not.
  9. TetrisFreak

    TetrisFreak Guest

  10. hen dan

    hen dan Guest

    Don't feel bad if you can't see the difference MILQUETOAST, I'm sure you have other "super powers". Thanks for posting this.
  11. Suzen

    Suzen Guest

    I did see the different symbol and the missing star. The information was helpful. My experience was a little different, I got three images, then focused on the center merged image. The difference show up like a 3-D image, not blinking. Thanks - it was fun.
  12. Cassiee5392

    Cassiee5392 Guest

    That was mad cool! I found all the differences in the three examples so quickly, even the star one! My brain is so cool(;
  13. Mike MJM

    Mike MJM Guest

    This is amazing! I have never heard of this before, but it is like voodoo magic!
  14. ash

    ash Guest

    totally didn't work!:( I crossed my eyes to get 4, then layered middle 2...:down: :mad: What did I do wrong!:sad: :'(
  15. This is like magic!!
    I couldn't believe how it works.
  16. DannaD

    DannaD Guest

    I seen the differences in the pictures, how do I get my eyes uncrossded now?

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