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How to Solve "Spot the Difference" Puzzles like a Pro

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. kela

    kela Guest

    :jump: Woah!!!!!! This is sooooo wierd!!!!! It's amazing how that happened though! It definitely shows the awesome power of our Creator. (God) How could evolution possibly produce such a complex system as the human body? My eyes kinda hurt now from crossing them......lol :S
  2. seds

    seds Guest

    i don't think you understand evolution :sad:
  3. Anony

    Anony Guest

    If you have trouble (un)focusing on the star picture try to focus on a small pattern of stars (like a line) until the pattern from both images overlap. It's hard because of the size of the image and the lack of distinct shapes. If you put a red dot on the same place in each it would help.

    There is a group of 3 stars of equal brightness that form an L in the upper left quadrant of the picture. The next brightest star to the right of the top star of the L is missing in the right photo.
  4. Anon

    Anon Guest

    It is way harder at the size they are. Zoom out and it will be WAY easier.
  5. Jesse

    Jesse Guest

    It's easier and faster if you are just patient enough to comb the picture inch by inch. I found all 7 differences and the missing star in just a few minutes by being methodical.
  6. Meeee

    Meeee Guest

    Cool story bro.
  7. Cotita

    Cotita Guest

    Look beside that sentence... You'll read "the missing star"
  8. Jenni

    Jenni Guest

    The star (this might get confusing) you see the blue circle, at the tip of the blue on top slightly to the left (just before 12:00 on a clock) there are two brighter stars, above the left star a bit is a brighter star making a triangle shape, if you look at the top star, right below it is two smaller stars, go directly right and that is where it should be.
  9. James Field

    James Field Guest

    The "planet" Pluto was discovered by a similar technique called "blink comperitomerity" (or something very much similar).

    Two very similar photos taken at different times were flicked between each other and any change of position would be quickly seen.

    old news...
  10. Stu

    Stu Guest

    This is awesome! I tried checking out the online spot the difference games after doing this and I could blaze through all the levels that had a similar pictures side-by-side with minor differences. Unfortunately though those games increase the difficulty by moving the images around, reversing the images, and using changes in color which are next to impossible to pick up.

    It's still very cool that our eyes/brain can do this. The first time the "middle" picture came in to crisp focus I freaked out!
  11. 5upmushroom

    5upmushroom Guest

    I found the missing star and the wrong symbol in seconds using the cross-eyed method.
  12. Visitor

    Visitor Guest

    It's the kanji 丼, (third column from the right, third row down)...the column that begins with 昔、丼戸はあの。。
  13. Pepe

    Pepe Guest

    OMG...this is AMAZING. I tried this and I was, like,,,PERFECT!
  14. TomS

    TomS Guest

    Hello Folks, This is incredible!!! All of them works! I'm happy, I speak english... TomS from Hungary
  15. i find this offensive and prejudice. i have one eye so this doesnt work for me:poop:
  16. Damon

    Damon Guest

    Wow! I have always been able to do this when I was kid (like with fences, grates, and other patterned objects), and now I finally have a use for this seemingly useless ability! Awesome!
  17. connick

    connick Guest

    Been doing this for years. Glad to see someone else figured it out too.
  18. Same with me...I'm nearsighted so everything gets blurry on my comp. with glasses on and I can only see 3 pics insterad of one and its hard to go cross eyed and focus on the pic at the same time.
  19. Brandon

    Brandon Guest

    Hey, my eyes are stuck like this now!
  20. Abe

    Abe Guest

    I was having a lot of trouble seeing this, but after watching this video

    I can do it perfectly. Don't give up.

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