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How to Solve "Spot the Difference" Puzzles like a Pro

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I can't get this to work personally but I thought some of you might find this useful and mindblowing.

    PS: I was the kid in elementary school who could never see those 3D Magic Eye pictures. Feels bad man.


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  2. jayhaytch

    jayhaytch Guest

    ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE! They all worked for me, amazing, this should be much more out there...
  3. wend

    wend Guest

    Wow, that is incredible! It didn't blink for me, but if you stare at the middle image long enough, you can tell that the part that is different really stands out. It's hard to explain. It looks maybe at a different plane than the rest of the stuff or something. This is a very neat trick, thanks for passing it on! Loved teh star example.
  4. neenie217

    neenie217 Guest

    This was CRAZY. Worked for me immediately. I LOVE it!!!
  5. Renee

    Renee Guest

    Took me about 10 minutes. When you get 3 images, the middle images will have a "layer", and the difference between the 2 layers will create a very small "ripple." That's the best way I can describe it.
  6. other guy

    other guy Guest

    I figure out this by myself after trying to watch autostereograms back in the '90.
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    This doesn't work for me, but glad I could help you guys :).
  8. nads16

    nads16 Guest

    can someone plese explain what "the missing star" is. i did the whole trick saw three planes..focused on the middle one and then blinked but i didn't see anythig..i thought i saw an image in the middle one..was that it?
  9. Brock

    Brock Guest

    Simply beautiful!
  10. unoriginal

    unoriginal Guest

    I would describe it as not a blinking between the two, but rather as if the differences are flicking in and out of the picture, so you see them both at the same time.
  11. Phyllis

    Phyllis Guest

    Taht was azimnag!:facepalm: How deos the hmuan mnid fgurie tihs sftuf out? Tnhaks for snrahig!:whistle:
  12. Vicki

    Vicki Guest

    I got this to work in about 10 seconds, except I had trouble with the "symbol" images. If you can't do MagicEye, I'm surprised this doesn't work for you. I find it much easier to go crosseyed (which is what this requires), than to go wide-eyed (this is what makes the MagicEye pictures work). And for me, the differences kind of glimmer, or glow. Love the tip!
  13. Harshy12

    Harshy12 Guest

    I am also unable to do this. . .I was that kid who couldn't see the 3d pics as well. It blows. Everyone around me can do this and I'm sitting here like "noooo!" My fiance really liked it though! :)
  14. Arwen

    Arwen Guest

    Hi, this is brilliant! Sadly, I can do the 3d pictures perfectly, but this one I can't. My left eye is much worse (-5) than my right eye (-2) and so they don't work together. I can only ever see 3 images instead of 4 because one eye is dominant over the other. And with my glasses on I can't do it - I don't see the images at all through the rims! But thanks for sharing - I will pass this on to friends who may be able to do it!

    Also thanks for that lovely message in scramble-spelling - I love reading those things, it's like a miracle, you can read it perfectly, in spite of the mixed-up letters!
  15. shasta

    shasta Guest

    Hah like how u did that ur brain is amazing but I didn't get that eye trick picture
  16. Ingrid

    Ingrid Guest

    Really fun! For me the "missing" item doesn't blink, but has an odd glow to it, and feels as if it's on a different plane than the other items.
    I cant find the missing Japanese character (symbol) however!!! In fact I seriously doubt that one is missing, even when I went over comparing them one by one i didn't see a missing one.

    I studied Chinese in school and most of the symbols are the same as in Japanese, too, so they are pretty easy for me to recognize/ tell apart even though I can't read this to understand it.

    The only possibility might be if maybe one of the individual characters has a PART of the character left out? like a line or dot in it somewhere? That might get by me when comparing them one by one. Nothing "glowed" for me on that one though, when I looked at the "crossed-eye" image in the middle of the screen...whereas the missing star totally glowed.

    Can somebody blab about which of the Japanese characters is missing, if there really is one? Just say "7th column from left/ 4th row down" for example!!! I'm very curious about this! THANKS!
  17. Jade

    Jade Guest

    6th Character, 3rd row! it's like a # almost. the photo on the right has a little dash in the middle whereas the one on the left does not.
  18. jane_

    jane_ Guest

    If you're having trouble with the star one, zooming out twice (command-minus on mac) so that the pictures were about the same size as the original letter one worked for me (the first two worked no problem, but the stars wouldn't work until I zoomed out).
  19. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I figured this out when I was a kid (I'm now in my 70s). I always wondered why anyone messed with "Spot The Difference" puzzles when they were so easy to solve.
  20. This is pretty incredible... Although I feel a bit queasy now.

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