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How did you find ForumVancouver?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ema, Jul 10, 2010.


How did you find ForumVancouver?

  1. Referred

  2. Followed some odd link :P

  3. Found on another forum

  4. Google

  5. Other: Answer in the thread :)

  1. xwinggg

    xwinggg New Member

    google, i was searching for pne discounts :D
  2. 2intense

    2intense New Member

    google for me.
  3. Denise

    Denise New Member

  4. gaimover

    gaimover Junior Member

    Was looking for Cirque Du Soleil tickets, wasn't even looking for discounted tickets. I never knew this site existing. What a great forum!! :D
  5. Mandy6868

    Mandy6868 New Member

    I found Forum Vancouver from searching for deals.
  6. Allison

    Allison Guest

    was looking for PNE promo codes!
  7. dscone

    dscone New Member

    searching for local deals
  8. ahoy

    ahoy New Member

    Looking for PNE promo codes... and it worked hee ha I go tomorrow!
  9. FUnkFlex

    FUnkFlex New Member

    kooza promos... thanks forum vancouver
  10. losttraveler

    losttraveler New Member

  11. sbainsta

    sbainsta New Member

    Seems like Google is all knowing... :D
  12. frutips123

    frutips123 New Member

    google, searching from promo codes
  13. cs1984

    cs1984 New Member

    Google finds everything!
  14. beastblood

    beastblood New Member

  15. SkyShepherd

    SkyShepherd New Member

    Hunting for a promo code for the PNE.

    Google FTW!
  16. jensmh

    jensmh New Member

    Followed a twitter link.
  17. red

    red New Member

    I was looking for a discount code for the pne
  18. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    someone at discovervancouver had the link in their sig.
  19. MooGooMouse

    MooGooMouse Junior Member

    On Discover Vancouver, someone asked for other Vancouver forums. Several people listed some & this among them. I copied them down to expand my contacts. Just in time, too. DV shut down, probably for the last time.
  20. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^What's the deal with discovervancouver anyway? I know someone named Vin Fetty bought it but why all the downtime?

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