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Technology Here is my UPS driver story

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by joeclark, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. joeclark

    joeclark Junior Member

    Hello Guys,

    1st UPS Package = left on the porch but exposed to the rain. Now, so everyone understands, if you put it on my porch, it's protected from the rain. If you leave it on a step leading up to the porch, it gets exposed. There is no screen door, it's all open. Driver purposely leaves it on the stairs where it gets wet.

    2nd UPS package: Item is carded without even an attempt. Why do I know this? Because the delivery notice was left the next day and the package was dropped off at the pick up place the night before

    3rd UPS package: Driver attempts signature item to the wrong house (If I live at 50 ABC street, he delivers it to 150 ABC street). Person at 150 ABC street goes to the pick up place, and tells the employees there sticker is left at wrong house. Pick Up place tells the UPS driver this, to which he tells the lady "If it's that important this guy gets his package, you drop the notice off at his house, I only attempt delivery once". Lady working there drops it off at my house

    4th UPS package = SEARS bedding, I made 3 different orders. First parcel left on the stairs again in the rain. Call UPS to ask them if driver can leave item at the door.

    5th UPS package = Neighbour tells me driver gets out, and throws parcel at my front door like a baseball. After hearing a bang, he laughs as he gets back in the truck.

    6th UPS package = tracking says "delivered" but nothing arrives. Next morning, I run over my package because the parcel was thrown under the front of my car overnight at some point (Went out for the night, got home around 9pm, and there was nothing there until the next morning).


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