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Local Granville Island-Go Fish

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by ema, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. ema

    ema Full Member


    If you're heading to Granville Island for the stroll or if there's a tourist at your home.

    Take them to Go Fish, it's a Fish and Chip place which supports the local fishermen.
    For those who despise fish aka me, LOL you'll love their Char grilled bay scallops sandwich.

    All of their food items always comes with their signature pacific rim coleslaw. (I'll post their To-Go menu later on after I scan it)

    Here's a photo snagged from dinehere, their Tacones as described in the menu (Our take on fish tacos. Grilled Salmon, cilantro-spiked salsa, chipotle crema and our 'slaw, rolled into a white-flour tortilla cone)

    They're always busy, so if you're smart you'll give them a call to order before you head out of the house. It's a long wait, definitely today when I went with my brother. He waited around 30 minutes for his scallop sandwich and his clam chowder. Their scallop sandwich is not on the menu which means it's a "of season" item which is not available all the time.

    Give the place a try when you're at Granville Island!
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Looks awesome, now the weather needs to get better so I can go.
  3. ttp2

    ttp2 New Member

    Are you able to call for a pick up order? I love Go Fish, but if you aren't lucky you might be waiting 30 mins to an hour for your food.

    I usually like to share the two piece cod and chips and the scallop burger with my boyfriend :D
  4. getmigs

    getmigs New Member

    Best French Fries in Vancouver as well. Closed on Monday though :)
  5. waaliu

    waaliu New Member

    They definitely have the best fish and chips in town. I would suggest calling about 20 minutes before you want to pick up your order. Just skip the line-up, head straight to the front desk and tell them your name, and they'll usually have it done in less than 5 minutes. Much better than waiting for over 30 minutes in line, then waiting ANOTHER 30 minutes for your food!!! I usually just get an order of the 2 piece halibut with chips and share it with my partner. It's a pretty big serving of fries with the fish, so one serving of it should be enough for 2 people. Wouldn't wanna waste good food!!! And of course the scenery is amazing as well!
  6. ema

    ema Full Member

    NO WAY! Their fries suck imo! lol

    And yup, definitely call them mmm I'll just grab their info. now (604) 730-5040
    But yeah, I love love love their scallop sandwich ^^ their fish tacones are OK but I feel that most of the salmon's flavour is gone cause it's overcooked ish.
  7. ema

    ema Full Member

    NOM NOM, I had a tacone today :D
  8. licorice

    licorice Guest

  9. ema

    ema Full Member

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