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Free Counselling Services in and around Vancouver (Guide)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    This thread is meant to help those who are in need of free counselling services for depression, anxiety, relationship, family problems etc.
    Low cost and sliding scale counselling options will be listed elsewhere in a separate thread since there are a lot of them.

    First! Check if you have access to free or low cost counselling services through these means:
    1. Extended healthcare plans will typically cover registered counsellors. Coverage may range from partial to full.
    2. Many employers and unions provide access to counselling services (e.g. EFAP, workhealthlife by Shepell, Homewood).
    3. Many universities and colleges will provide free counselling to post-secondary students.
    4. If you are in secondary or elementary school, see your classroom teacher or school counsellor who can guide you to the appropriate resources!

    Trained and experienced counsellors usually have one of these credentials:
    RCC - Registered Clinical Counsellor
    R. Psych - Registered Psychologist
    RSW - Registered Social Worker
    CCC - Certified Canadian Counsellor
    MD - Psychiatrists and GPs sometimes provide counselling services

    If you are a motivated individual, there is a self-guided therapy program available to all of British Columbia:
    BounceBack Program (English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French) - requires a physician referral
    Self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) through a DVD and workbooks. They also have coaches who do educational-motivational telephone sessions.
    English: 1-866-639-0522
    Chinese: 1-877-318-3098


    Please note that the following free counselling options listed below typically have waitlists. Some may require a referral. These free services are often provided by supervised Master of Counselling students completing their practicum.

    Free Counselling in Vancouver, BC
    Scarfe Free Counselling Clinic at UBC

    Adults, students, and children over age 10.

    Little Mountain Neighbourhood House’s Family Support Program
    Youth, adults and seniors
    604-879-7104, http://www.lmnhs.bc.ca/wp/programs-services/family-resources/

    City University Community Clinic at Broadway Youth Resource Centre (BYRC)
    Free for youth (15 to 24) through the Youth Counselling Clinic. May also be free for adults but this is unclear.
    604-709-5729, cityucc@gmail.com, http://www.pcrs.ca/broadway_youth_resource_centre

    SAFER Counselling Service - Suicide Attempt Follow Up Education and Research
    Offers counselling for individuals with suicide risk and supports family and friends concerned about their loved ones.
    604-675-3985, http://vch.eduhealth.ca/PDFs/GV/GV.150.W629.pdf
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Inner City Youth - Granville Youth Health Centre
    Meant for children and youth 12-24 years old with mental health or substance use problems. Drop in counselling hours 1-6 pm (M-F) and 12-4 pm (Saturdays)
    1260 Granville Street, 604-806-9415, icymhp@providencehealth.bc.ca

    Free short term counselling for the LGBTQ² community.
    604-684-5307 ext. 100, reception@qmunity.ca, http://www.qmunity.ca/home/free-counselling-program/

    Vietnamese Youth Development Program
    Counselling services available to Vietnamese youth age 13-24.
    604-709-5727, ynguyen@pcrs.ca, http://www.pcrs.ca/vietnamese_youth_development

    Women Against Violence Counselling Program (WAVAW)
    Free one-to-one counselling to women and teenage girls impacted by sexual assault, sexual abuse and any other forms of sexualized violence.

    Battered Women's Support Services (BWSS)
    Free counselling services for any woman impacted by abuse.

    BC Women's Hospital CARE Program
    Counselling for unintended pregnancies, miscarriage, pregnancy loss and abortions.
    http://www.bcwomens.ca/Services/HealthServices/abortion-reproductive-education/Counselling Services/default.htm

    VAST (Vancouver Association for the Survivors of Torture)
    Counselling services for current and former refugees or anyone who has experienced or witnessed torture in their home country before coming to Canada.
    604-299-3539 ext. 221, referrals@vast-vancouver.ca, http://vast-vancouver.ca/

    Transgender Health Program (THIP)
    No individual counselling but has a list of resources and support groups for the trans* community.
    604-734-1514, transhealth@vch.ca, http://transhealth.vch.ca/support/bc-support-groups

    Free Counselling in North Vancouver and West Vancouver
    Family Services of the North Shore

    Only family support counselling is free.

    Free Counselling in Richmond, BC
    Touchstone Family Association

    Focused on counselling and support services to help maintain family relationships.
    604-279-5599, jkostiuk@touchstonefamily.ca, http://www.touchstonefamily.ca/

    Free Counselling in New Westminster, BC
    New Westminster UBC Counselling Centre

    Free counselling for adults, children, and youth. Their mandate seems to be people connected to the New Westminster School District (SD40) but they seem to take anyone interested.
    604-525-6651, http://ecps.educ.ubc.ca/clinical-instructional-resources/new-westminster-ubc-counselling-centre/

    Free Counselling in Surrey, BC
    SFU Surrey Counselling Centre

    For adults, school-aged children and youth that are somehow connected to the Surrey School District (SD36). For example, parents of a child attending school in Surrey would be eligible.
    604-587-7320, http://www.sfu.ca/education/centres-offices/sfu-surrey-counselling-centre.html

    Surrey Youth Resource Centre's Community Counselling Clinic
    Individual and family counselling offered
    604-592-6200, http://www.pcrs.ca/community_clinic

    Free Counselling in Delta, BC
    Deltassist Family and Community Services Society

    For Delta residents only
    604-594-3455, http://www.deltassist.com/counselling.html

    Family Services of Greater Vancouver
    Select specialized programs are free of charge. Some are listed below. Call to inquire.
    604-874-2938, http://www.fsgv.ca/

    VISAC (Vancouver) & TASA (Richmond) programs

    Specialized counselling to help those dealing with the effects of childhood trauma and/or sexual abuse.

    Healthy Connections program
    Healthy Connections (Vancouver) helps pregnant women work through trauma-related issuses. Begins as early in pregnancy as possible and post-partum for up to 3 years.

    Children Affected by Family Violence program
    Available to children and youth (3-18) who have been exposed to violence in their homes.

    Free Counselling Online
    Email Youth Counselling

    For youth; run by Pacific Centre Family Services Association based in Victoria, BC
    youthtalk2@pcfsa.org, youthtalk@pcfsa.org, http://youthspace.ca/counsellor

    Please read!
    Many psychiatrists and even some GPs do counselling. Most outpatient hospital based mental health clinics offer counselling and support services in addition to psychiatric care. These services are covered by MSP since they involve an MD.

    There are also many community based mental health teams and supports available depending on your neighbourhood. Ask your family doctor for a referral to access these services. You may have to do your own research as some doctors are not up to date. For example Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health both have Community Health Centres (CHCs) which sometimes have free counselling services available.

    Start by looking at the services directory for your local hospital and your local health authority:
    Mental Health Resources
    • Kelty Mental Health - targeted at child and youth and their parents but a lot of the information works just as well for adults.
    • Open Mind BC - directory of Mental Health Tools and Resources in British Columbia
    • Mental Health Support Line - 310-6789

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