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Forum Migration - Report Bugs Here

Discussion in 'Questions and Feedback' started by Forum Vancouver, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    Took a lot longer than expected (way more than an hour), but the migration is complete. I took extra care during the import and ran some clean up scripts to fix BBCode formatting issues. Database queries were used to clean up some faulty forum descriptions and user settings. However, the process is not expected to be perfect so please report any bugs you find here.

    So far, these are the issues that I have noticed:
    • Facebook Connect doesn't work (huge issue) - fixed
    • Clicking the arrow on quotes takes you to the wrong posts for imported content - fixed :)
    • Private Messages were not imported - intentional
    • Avatars were not imported - intentional, send me a PM if you want me to retrieve your old one for you
    • Poll results are wrong - attempted to fix, but it didn't work
    • URL redirection not as expected, therefore some google links (thread pages other than 1) are 404 - attempted to fix with .htaccess but it didn't work
    • Find all threads by (member) shows no results - fixed
  2. Brandon Rampersad

    Brandon Rampersad New Member

    After a while, those issues will blow away like the urls in google and such. :) Nice upgrade.
  3. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    I've loaded a software update recently that involved a lot of behind the scenes CSS and layout changes. If things look a bit wonky to you, do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) and if the issue still persists, do let me know.
  4. Forum Vancouver

    Forum Vancouver Administrator Staff Member

    Fixed bug where embed media (youtube) would cover forum overlays (such as edit dialogues). Also updated youtube embed code to newer version which utilizes HTML5 where applicable.
  5. Star01

    Star01 New Member

    good information... thanks a lot
  6. HerbertMub

    HerbertMub Guest

    Hi I have just used the contact feature to email the forum mods.... How long would it normally take for a reply? Also how do they contact me back? through here or email?
    Thanks : x


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