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FIRE at Kerrisdale Strip Mall June 22, 2017

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ViewFinder, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. ViewFinder

    ViewFinder New Member

    Major 3 Alarm FIRE at Vancouver WestSide, Kerrisdale Strip Mall June 22, 2017, British Columbia, Canada.
    11:46pm Black smoke billows out as walls and ceilings collapse inside building. FireFighter with 3inch hose blasts through 'Image Hair Design' front window to battle ceiling area. The largest Aerial Hose & Ladder Fire Truck with blue guide lights deployed its powerful Light-Tower as the Chief and Captain monitor the situation. After more than three hours one Assistant Chief, one Battalion Chief (whitecoat), five Captains (redhat), one Fire Investigator (whitehat), fifty FireFighters with three Aerial Hose & Ladder trucks, nine 3-5inch hose hand lines, two Heavy Pump trucks, three Rescue trucks, four support trucks, Police, Ambulance and City Maintenance workers remained on scene for 8 hours.

    Location: 2001 41 Avenue & Maple Street,
    7 Businesses Destroyed: Tam's Custom Tailor, Sienna Fashions, Image Hair Design, On the Go Fashions, MagiCream, Petit C Nail Salon, Papa John's Pizza.
    Business Damaged: Salvation Army Thrift Store.
    Fire started June 22, 2017 at 8:20pm and was still fully involved and burning at 12:15am.

    Browse all 70 FIRE videos recorded during the first 3 hours:
  2. Bine

    Bine Full Member

    I live near where the fire occurred. It is sad to see all those old shops go. I remember when the bakery was a movie theatre. I have be ill lately so it is good to be here again.
  3. ViewFinder

    ViewFinder New Member

    created a 25 minute video from 43 clips describing the FireFighters response.


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