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Tech Dropbox Dropquest II (2) Answer Key! [2012]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, May 8, 2012.

  1. Robert

    Robert Guest

    maybe nineletterwords means how many 9 letter words total between all of the logs? (text in the logs)
  2. 6u-huo.l.uV

    6u-huo.l.uV Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for all the help to everyone who's contributed answers or explanations. Keep up the good work and don't stop questing!
  3. Peebee

    Peebee New Member

    Thanks for the answer, but I'm now really stuck on chapter 6. Don't know how to proceed to input a date...
  4. adam

    adam Guest

    nine letter words in each log??
  5. Tubby

    Tubby Guest

    Logs Ordered by Size (smallest first)
    Chapter 6.txt - nominally
    Chapter 10.txt - timepiece
    Chapter 8.txt - histories
    Chapter 7.txt - constants - weirdness
    Chapter 1.txt - obnoxious
    Chapter 13.txt - rebounded
    Chapter 2.txt - dominated
    Chapter 18.txt - seemingly
    Chapter 9.txt - objective
    Chapter 5.txt - fastening
    Chapter 23.txt - literally
    Chapter 21.txt - operation
    Chapter 11.txt - generated
    Chapter 3.txt - somewhere
    Chapter 20.txt - beguiling
    Chapter 4.txt - yesterday
    Chapter 19.txt - continent
    Chapter 14.txt - headaches
    Chapter 15.txt - acquiring
    Chapter 17.txt - pertained
    Chapter 16.txt - certainly
    Chapter 22.txt - educative
    Chapter 12.txt - examining

  6. steve

    steve New Member


    that's the word
  7. Daevien

    Daevien Guest

    End question is
  8. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    You placed #38xx :'(
  9. wizardy

    wizardy Guest

  10. lurker

    lurker Guest

  11. #922

    #922 Guest

  12. Signor D

    Signor D Guest

    Endgame: colosseum

  13. Ryankk94

    Ryankk94 Guest

  14. mmm

    mmm Guest

    The answer is "colosseum"
  15. thecoshman

    thecoshman Guest

    last answer is "colosseum" (not quote marks ofc)
  16. Taur

    Taur Guest

    Endgame answer: colosseum
  17. JMmmmm

    JMmmmm Guest


    Felt like I was right on the edge of it too when there were only 2 people on the board!!

    Oh well, it's been fun!
  18. Somebody

    Somebody Guest

  19. timme

    timme Guest

    How did u get colloseum?
  20. I came in at 5260th place. Oh yeah!

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