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dining in during covid-19 pandemic

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by Checkersuper, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Checkersuper

    Checkersuper Guest

    have you dined in yet? how was the experience? did you feel safe?
  2. quanjude

    quanjude Guest

    drove by the fancy peking duck place in cambie. iDen QJD 全聚德, . they packed all of their patrons together in 1/4 of the restaurant. the other 3/4 of their restaurant was left empty. sure i get that it's easier for the serving staff but it defeats the entire purpose of reduced capacity as the tables were definitely not 2m apart.
  3. Alex G

    Alex G Guest

    I ate-in yesterday at Popeyes and felt it was pretty safe. There were people eating there and everyone kept in their booths and stayed 6ft apart. I've been to a few restaurants that have had tables 3ft apart but with 6ft tall dividers and people at every table, not staggered. That concerned me a bit more, but we had reservations, so we dined but will pass on that going forward. TBH more of a factor to me is the cleanliness of the restaurant and cleaning practices of the staff, because they are the ones you are dealing with and serving/touching your food.

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