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~ Culture of Hate & Death / Victoria Day Super Special

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ~Oliver, May 19, 2014.

  1. ~Oliver

    ~Oliver Junior Member


    I have been meaning to write an article on Haters for years now.
    And in light of Pope Francis's recent speech where he brilliantly outlines the importance of:

    "Challenging all forms of injustices and resisting the economy of exclusion, the throwaway culture
    and the culture of death which nowadays sadly risk becoming passively accepted,"

    After all the wars, communal tragedies, civilian collateral damages, and displaced people etc etc that have come to be as a result of some greedy "haters". Haters in first world situation still continue to represent hate & destruction so blindly. What gives?

    The point I'm trying to make is that:
    ~ Our culture is so incredibly fucking ignorant of worldly/life experience,
    it just vapidly projects its under developed emotions without consideration of consequence.

    Perhaps they say "oh its not hate That way, we mean it in a different "sway".
    Or "we had a rough/tough life so rules don't apply to us" or "we have our own rules".

    ~ Having a "secret" that you can say what you want under your breath,
    only encourages & enables louder expression. But as well covers up a plethora of social malice.

    The problem with any hate speech, is that can hurt others that have been hurt by hate before.
    Even if the speech is not about any one in particular it still drives a response, a reaction...
    What if I were to punch them on their nose? How many teeth until they renounce faith in woes?
    Or would they keep their faith in "gummy blows"?
    ( www.urbandictionary.com: "Gummy" )

    After so much experience or exposure it is blatantly apparent that, hate is only holding us back from the things that everyone can have.
    But many "haters" aren't able to facilitate being able to empathize with the hate they generate.
    And thus create problems of hate that involve others, strangers, foreigners...

    This information age really is a "big chance" for religions to make a concerted comeback!
    All religions have this toll-less 8Miles of opportunity and hope to promote "equality".
    I believe organized religions are already situated so as to be able to provide the required elements, tools, and education,
    needed to attain, what is known of life, yet held out of reach, monetary means.
    Their opportunity lays within universal education.

    But they must ..."version update"... their moral, ethical and sociological code of conducts. (www.hatecrimebc.ca)
    To reiterate; I believe organized religions Can spread universal education, and decrease "hate"
    by means of acceptance. There is a great voice that demands change.

    Change that can enable,
    and activate inter communal help,
    aid efforts, education, and handshakes to all peoples.
    Regardless of their beliefs, status, religion or ethnic background.

    ~ The positive change needs unification; that will not / cannot be corrupted.

    ---- Intermission ----

    Wouldn't it have been a lot less embarrassing for the community that is already known
    to be stalking and harassing me... Because now logically & rationally:

    ~ Anyone who talks negatively about me, essentially becomes a perpetrator of the community mobbing against me.
    Including their kids.

    Regardless of intent or volition. If they had have just forgotten about the rumors that were designed to punk their antiquated M* response?
    Without interrupting any/all relationships with teenage ostracism? *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M_(1931_film)
    And let me live my life?

    Its just stupid idiots that'll gesture a "throat cut" to friends I'm trying to make...
    people that are en-bored & frustrated with their own lives...People who use anti social behavior in transference, as escapism.
    Reigning down hate upon my life, so as to be able to "say" that they are having a better one. With or without knowing that in reality,
    the extent of "lifetime" experiences in their own lives, pale in comparison to that of my own.
    (My bucket list is more or less empty already...)

    But ~20-30%(max) of Vancouver is totally willing to denigrate and dehumanize me for a reason they cant even admit?
    But they have never met me? Only "heard" or read things that have been chute-d through the monkey ass that is the purple dishwasher of "gossip culture". Not only have they cowered out of actual civic duty, and into their little "Fox Hole" but as well moral
    and ethical responsibility / maturity? But once again the flawed logic of vigilantesque lynching campaigns spring up only, from the
    "disillusioned & delusionals" in the community... And then "the situation" becomes funny to the community...?
    (Which has its own psychology in fact) "hell" for the target... and before you know it
    someones wearing a psy-icide vest. All because of something the community
    is too embarrassed to correct the mistakes they have & continue to make?

    ...The "go away I love you" symptoms of narcissistic supply fit well.
    Such as in cases of lynching or mobbing, the perpetrating members of the community will,
    not only try and push out their target. But then they will follow their target to wherever they go!
    So that, the new community can push them out as well. This is the deluded and flawed logic I speak of.
    Therefore most logically the target should stay where they are. Upholding such behavior or ideals
    only reinforces idiotic complacency.

    But I'm lead to the understanding that the community IS NOT trying to "push out" their target.

    Most especially with those who monitor others homes voyeuristically / sadistically. With 2-way audio video... and what would sooo easily be some sort of "off the hook" party/snuff line. But yet again... when an "idiot-ops" is coming from inside a neighboring apartment, no target could ever prove it to the police. But as well the perpetrators can/do also relay the private life of their target through-out "the know" of the community, for all the punked victims of the community (punked by Jim-psychopath or Nancy-narcisit).
    So that the higher tiers of the stalkers, can continue to carry out their crime,
    when they are not in direct or proxy position to do so.

    I doubt "Betsy-boo" at the local Grocery Store reckons "that stuff actually happens". Once again gangstalking / Community mobbing works in Tiers of "perpatrators". (Some know more/do more to the target than lower tiers). I get the notion many people use the excuse that the target must just be "getting a lot confused with some of the spooky words people use"... Like their not really even a target.
    But then as well project that the target has "probably" been "a schizo" their entire life, and live in "la-la land".
    So as to dismiss any empathy that could arise towards the target. So its all... "Okay!"

    These people are in their own right, the most deluded losers, that cheat themselves into believing that inflicting suffering, makes them better than someone. However subtle the personal attack is, the term "death by a thousand cuts" was coined for a reason.
    When it is targeting someone that is known to be targeted. The perpetrator becomes accessory to the crime.
    Regardless of "how much they meant it". A crime that represents ONLY ignorance, intolerance,
    and violence.

    The know ("complacency-code") is fueled by a code of silence.
    Cemented with guilt and shame in threat of infraction, by life long sympathizers to its cause.
    Who have ultimately become trapped in its psychology.

    Although for generations that have grown up with the mentality that: You should live your life doing anything to anyone you wish.
    Just as long as you don't get caught. Conveniently ties into the notion that you can say or act any way you wish to another.
    Which includes under your breath, or body language. Just because its not illegal doesn't mean its not immoral.

    That isn't to deny that I am the best person in the world.
    I have my own problems, that I wish I could over come.
    For example my smoking habit, that has so generously provided for a constant respiratory reminder.
    Perhaps its a sign of my true calling as a writer?

    ---- Intermission ----

    Now without proper access to mature social outlets, as the "kids" (minimized criminal psycho/socio paths) that have the single intent to commit said crimes, that infiltrate whatever interests I take. I pretty much live with the thought process
    that I must do whatever it is that I must do to live, happily.

    I like the sound of "Stoic Philosophy". Because ultimately the "latest" dirt about me from Bonkers-Bob in the morning... must roll off my shoulder some way or another, so I may as well use a time tested intellectual and philosophical approach.
    All because Bonkers-Bob will never admit that he himself too has been
    punked into a cycle to communal violence.

    One thing I'd like to quickly clear up as well is the people who say that I laugh at others for no reason...
    (Like the "real convincing" Youtube commercials that say Trudeau is "in over his head" while he's taking off his shirt?!?!
    wtf... shit like that that is just shameless garnering of attention... :-p)

    But I'll address it nonetheless. I don't laugh @ people randomly. I'm not a maniac...
    Its just my smile can multiply quite fast, if I receive a "smile back" or something, I can be loling at the drop of a dime...
    Sometimes a random one leaks out at thoughts/funny audio mp3s but for the most part
    I wouldn't believe the hype, if you weren't there.

    Whats more strange though is that in retaliation to my laughter/happiness.
    I see the real pathological haters manufacturing their own laughter directed at me... almost like an anti-laugh attack.
    so presumptuously as to say "see see...look...see were happy too!"

    But this chapter of my rant isn't about that. It's about anything that keeps me going, although I'm gonna miss a bunch of stuff:
    Everyone has positive and constructive things that make then happy... like Shrubbery shows, Asian hookers, and ASMR videos.
    I have noticed many people make assumptions of how and why I wear a smile on my face everyday.
    And act as if I bought the prize.

    Since the age of 13 I have been interested in psychology. But as well have had probably hundreds of hours of superb counseling.
    I have been private schooled until high school. But after the drug induced and impoverished teenage "out of the nest years" I stabilized a super fun adrenaline job. And although I can't wear a fancy mandarin collar to work... I have mastered my trade, and take large pride in it....I mean Tom Cruise would have trouble looking as cool as I do...(#Olivetology?) I have traveled the world with the money I make, and been with more girls than Alex Jones ever will. But I have strayed from all that... sex is Great... but there's more to life. Although not by formally, I have educated myself in Buddhism and psychology. I've even been to Tibet where I smoked weed at Base Camp #2 (the foot of Mt.Everest).
    I wear a Canadian Flag & honor the privilege it has granted my life.

    I've been to wild raves in India, and faux honeymooned with a South Asian sweetheart
    on islands used to shoot Survivor type TV shows (Tioman Island)...
    No snotty nose high schooler will NOT make me laugh whilst
    "havin a crack at me". As I might even do his mom...

    I don't even have to get into the "psy" stuff that have supposedly garnered accredited attention?!

    "And what if no one believes this truth?"

    ...That has happened a shit tonne since the writing of my book, that is published and available for purchase on Lulu.com I must add.
    Every bit... helped in exactly the way they though it would. Its almost as if my foot gets stuck in the ceiling sometimes.
    Although I'm still not a monk, I eat well, and love fruits and veg. I feel great, and have a ripped n' fit body.
    When I'm at home, I smoke weed and eat luxuriously, at my leisure. I have a great dog
    "Homer" he likes rolling in all things stinky.

    I am an excellent writer, it is a passion of mine to be able to literally articulate what I an thinking.
    And although I don't really have a set to break, I get a rush from releasing the latest "juicy" rant that enlightens the GP of rational thinkers into topics they could never touch. As well the readers that appreciate the articles I write.

    I am happy and content on a daily basis, because I know I'm a real life, living and breathing, no-doubt-about-it X-File.
    Not the paranormal type, nor paranoid type... but more so the "community mobbing secret" type.

    I'm rarely depressed, if anything stressed from work.
    Like any happiness or "mania"... doesn't have an opposite phase.
    I cry out of sorrow maybe twice or thrice a year.
    Once may be from at a movie or something...

    ...I laugh out loud, because the jokes I tell myself are funny... I think
    Especially the ones that I can make about "the gangstalkers" and their "infinite wisdom".
    I smile because I am happy, healthy, and gainfully employed at a profession I admire.

    I enjoy people.
    I enjoy PDA's (I think they are cute).
    Others are always interesting to me, and I even enjoy chatting older people in public.
    I respect my elders, and feel compassion for those who have less than me. I help people,
    I have helped 4 people in life threatening situations, although one of 'em kicked it cuz my CPR didn't stop his arrest :-(
    ...So "technically" I've helped like 3 people in life threatening situations.

    I have climbed the CN Tower in under 14min. I have volunteered for United Way, Rotary Club, Red Cross & Salvation Army.
    I have self learned how to ride a motorcycle in a country known to have the most dangerous roads.
    I have witnessed worldly secrets should not be spoken of, even here on CraigsList.
    Secrets that would fry the minds of most bumpkins in these parts.

    Those are just a few of the reasons I smile and yes sometimes laugh out loud in public.
    But don't worry I don't "laugh at people", unless provoked.

    ~ I am comfortable with my own inner dialog.

    My life has been... amazing to say the least, and just because some asshole thinks he has an upper hand, behind my back.
    Doesn't make make him better than me in any way.

    In a nut shell...
    its not me with the problems.
    I hope that those who do have a problem...
    "feel better soon".

    Happy Victoria Day!

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  2. ~Oliver

    ~Oliver Junior Member

    The original formatting was for CraigsList, however the Mod wouldn't let this one up?!?

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  3. ~Oliver

    ~Oliver Junior Member

    ...still can't edit after 30min... kinda sucks please excuse some formatting/grammar/syntax etc
    good enough

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  4. ~Oliver

    ~Oliver Junior Member

    Typo Correction

    That isn't to deny that I am - not - the best person in the world.
    Damn it I'm not perfect!
    Strange how that one panned out too :-p
    ...theres a bunch more but this is good enough

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