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Techvibes Content Marketer - Beheld

Discussion in 'Job Listings (Automated)' started by Job Bot, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Job Bot

    Job Bot Robotic Member

    Why does Beheld exist?

    Beheld is a one-year-old company founded on the principle of better connecting artists to buyers. We believe that the independent artist needs more support and, more specifically, given tools to help them better manage their business. Beheld is building the infrastructure for a modern art market where it is easy to find, follow and buy artwork directly from the artist.

    Who are we looking for?

    We are a tight-knit team of five. Our motto is to respect the person and challenge the idea. This leads to a very collaborative, open and honest environment. The type of person we are looking for is uber excited about being in that type of environment and relishes the opportunity to have an impact on the business.

    What are we looking for?

    We have so much going on that we need help sharing it. We are looking for seasoned, tech savvy, content marketer. This is the first full-time position on marketing side and will be working directly with the CEO to strategize, plan and execute marketing campaigns. This means a lot of responsibility as well as autonomy to grow Beheld’s community.

    For us its not about education its about experience. If you have done the following tasks in your career then we believe you’ll have the skills to pay the bills.

    Career accomplishments:

    • Written over 50 blogs.
    • Conducted and implemented an SEO overhaul of a web property that increased its web ranking by over 10 positions.
    • Got coverage for your company in a notable media outlet from a cold call.
    • Added more than 500 users to a mailing list without spending a dollar.
    • Increased the following of a social media account by 100% in two months or less.

    If you believe in helping artists and we have perfectly described you in this post we hope you send us a message because we are really looking forward to meeting you.


    Colin Brown, CEO Beheld

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