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Finances & Real Estate Construct a house

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ad Vancouver, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. shelly

    shelly Guest

    I'm in theend of building a house right now. My project manager (Asian) has hired Asian, White, and East Indian subs. By far the East indian subs have been least reliable. It is actually well know in the business - hire east indians for work you can't see (e.g., framing) but don't hire them for important things like plumbing/electrician, cabinets, etc.

    East indian builder originally quoted me $320000 to build a custom home in vancouver. I'm spending around $500000 in total for the new build. I'm wondering what would have happened if I had gone with the east indian builder. probably be pulling my hair out right now.
  2. JAzz

    JAzz Guest

    Not sure why this became such a racist rant on East Indian builders. Bad workers in all trades
  3. JAzz

    JAzz Guest

    That right there might be the most racist thing that I have ever read. Wouldn’t be surprised if the author supports Trump and belongs to the KKK.

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