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CMBC Customer Information Clerk - Casual Testing information

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Transit604, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Transit604

    Transit604 New Member

    CMBC Customer Information Clerk - Casual Testing information ?
  2. AimHigh

    AimHigh New Member

    I am guessing you already went through the hiring process. Care to share your experience?
  3. AimHigh

    AimHigh New Member

    To give you guys a bit of a timeline in regards to my CIC application.

    Sent application on a Wednesday. Got an email Friday for the first testing phase. A choice of either a Monday or Tuesday the week after.
    I went on Monday option for testing.
    Did not hear from Translink for over 2 weeks, then I got another email on a Tuesday ( a good 15 days after my test) scheduling me for the Job Simulation testing Thursday the same week.
    I got a call Monday the week after, that I passed and scheduled me for the interview Friday the same week.
    I got an email Tuesday the week after that I passed the interview and now off to Reference checking which is the stage I am right now.

    So it is a good one month from when I submitted my application to me going through the first three phases of the hiring process.

    I have to add though, last year I applied for the same position and the gap between the first test and the second test was shorter (Took the test on a Monday; Tuesday I got confirmation I passed and Friday I did the Job Simulation test). However, I did not passed my Job Simulation test that time
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  4. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Thanks for sharing! Best of luck! I did that job over 25 years ago now, much more computerized now!
  5. AimHigh

    AimHigh New Member

    Just another update, medical and reference checks are now completed. I got the formal job offer letter. Start date will be 2nd week of November
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  6. Khaamia

    Khaamia Guest

    Hi I know this is a fairly old thread but I am curious what did you have to do for the job simulation test? Thank you.
  7. Dodeedo

    Dodeedo Guest

    Hi there, would you be kind enough to describe what's involved in the job simulation? Thanks!

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