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Cirque du Soleil Kooza Vancouver Discount Promo Code 30% Off

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. itsmejack

    itsmejack New Member

    thanks for this
  2. hakspiel

    hakspiel Guest

    Hey guys, just found out about forumvancouver and find it amazingLooking to get the promo code for Cirque de Soleil - Kooza..
  3. hakspiel

    hakspiel Guest

    ....just a question...how does the promo code work?
  4. hakspiel

    hakspiel Guest

    Got the code...tks alot !
    Another question....does anybody know about the extra fees?
    Tks again !
  5. irisa

    irisa New Member

    thank you again for the code :)
  6. salsabachata

    salsabachata New Member

    i would love to go see this show with my girl. How do I get the discount?
  7. Keyuyi

    Keyuyi New Member

    I heard it's a great show thx
  8. cng

    cng New Member

  9. Pam

    Pam New Member

    Thank you for the codes
  10. tzhuang

    tzhuang New Member

    thx for the code
  11. boyasian3

    boyasian3 New Member

    i really want to see this !!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the code and great website i never knew about this...Bonus
  12. cchuu

    cchuu New Member

    does anyone know how long the show is?
  13. borndesi

    borndesi New Member

    Can someone please hook me up with the code? Would really appreciate it.
  14. oxydius

    oxydius New Member

    Thanks for the codes! This show will be awesome!
  15. ashley

    ashley New Member

    I saw Kooza and it's an awesome show! you guys are going to love it!
  16. pocari1986

    pocari1986 New Member

    And also has anyone gotten a seat upgrade with their membership?
  17. mspanda

    mspanda New Member

    looking forward to the show!
  18. ken.macleod

    ken.macleod New Member

    I would be interested in knowing that as well. Could take the chance of buying a cheaper ticket if there is a good chance to upgrade. That said, it doesn't sound like there is a bad seat in the house.

    I have seen two other CDS shows - all fantastic.
  19. ackc

    ackc New Member

    Thanks for this!
  20. Elantraman

    Elantraman Guest

    Thanks for the promo code!

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