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Cirque du Soleil Kooza Vancouver Discount Promo Code 30% Off

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. msdainty

    msdainty New Member

    hope the code is still valid :D
  2. Leonine

    Leonine New Member

    Oh, I hope the show is as excellent as most cirque shows!
  3. jcn3@sfu.ca

    jcn3@sfu.ca New Member

    nice! going there with gf !!!
  4. kikistrike

    kikistrike New Member

    Excited about this - I think the 'Cirque' as family entertainment is a joke given ticket price but this may help. It is a truly remarkable experience and I'd like to take my kids. Will investigate.
  5. mmagsig

    mmagsig New Member

    I tried all three sites, and they all said the site was down. Any idea how long this usually is?
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Working for me right now, maybe try another browser.
  7. earlybird

    earlybird New Member

  8. kathy82tse

    kathy82tse New Member

    Really want to see kooza!!!!
  9. sft

    sft New Member

  10. horacepoon

    horacepoon New Member

  11. Janet25

    Janet25 Junior Member

    can't wait to see Kooza

    thanks for the codes..
  12. schoolgirls1234

    schoolgirls1234 New Member

    i have posted 3 comments but still cant see the code
  13. mandym123

    mandym123 New Member

    i still can't see the code
  14. Jimsnoop

    Jimsnoop New Member

    This looks amazing. Thanks
  15. barbiegirl

    barbiegirl New Member

    Does anyone know of any discounts for the September performances? I am looking for Sept 1.
  16. chubacca

    chubacca New Member

  17. eileen1208

    eileen1208 New Member

    Can anyone see the code?
  18. lko88

    lko88 New Member

    woww thanks! very helpful
  19. cheif32

    cheif32 New Member

    I must be newb, how do I get the code?

    okay I think I got it figured out thanks
  20. garbageacc3

    garbageacc3 New Member

    hmmm, i'm still having probs

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