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Discussion Cheapest place for eye exam from optometrist

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I'm looking for a full eye exam, not a sight test from an optician. Any recommendations? The best deal I found was the groupon for Image Optometry where you got an eye exam and a pair of glasses for $69, but that's over now.

    Most affordable regular price seems to be $55 from Dr. Anthony H Lee on Main and Hastings (yeah..sketchy area but he set up his office there before it became its current state). Mind you, I haven't checked the price in years so it could be different now.

    253 East Hastings Street
    Vancouver, BC V6A 1P2
    (604) 687-1018
  2. Richmondite

    Richmondite Guest

    if you're in richmond, Dr. Francis Y Cheng at lansdowne is pretty good and budget friendly... he used to charge $55 a few years back but i think it might cost more now?? (604) 821-0202
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Guest

    Image Optometry is a totally free eye exam.
  4. mission

    mission Full Member

    For big name stores, the cheapest is Walmart, $70 for full eye exam (2010). The optometrist is not Walmart but he goes to Walmart and does the exam there at the store.

    Sears in Metrotown has an optometrist right next to the optical store. This optometrist charges $75 (2009).

    The optometrist next to Lens Crafters in Metrotown is the most expensive that I know of. Charges $100.

    I think most independent optical stores provides free eye exam. If a certain optical store don't provide free eye exam, then just walk out and go to another one that give free eye exam.

    The advantage of buying from big name stores like Sears, The Bay, Walmart, Lens Crafters is that they don't rip customers off. And if you are not satisfied with the eyeglasses, you can return them for a full refund.

    Of the big names, the most expensive is Lens Crafters, but they have a good selection of branded frames including Oakley, Ray Ban, Prada. Of course this makes the purchase more expensive.

    Next is Sears and The Bay, they have decent selection of brands but not as much as Lens Crafters.

    The cheapest is Walmart. You can get a complete set for eyeglasses for half the price of what one might pay at Sears or The Bay.
  5. mission

    mission Full Member

    Lens Crafters now has Up to 50% eye glasses for purchase of frames and lenses - expires Nov 13, 2011

    Sears now has $1 Lenses with purchase of any frames - expires Nov 15, 2011
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Just as a FYI, the guy on Main & Hastings (Dr. Anthony H Lee) is apparently retired. Anyone check how much the guy in Richmond cost?

    Most places will include a free eye exam with glasses purchase, but if you want to penny pinch it's still cheaper to do an exam separately and then order glasses online.

    Groupon type deals are often good too.
  7. mission

    mission Full Member

    Visions (optical store, not electronics) at Royal City Mall, New Westminster opposite Shoppers Drug Mart has free eye exam with purchase of glasses and lens.
  8. mission

    mission Full Member

    The Bay now has 40% off lens and frames.

    Expires Oct 13.
  9. periwinkle

    periwinkle New Member

    I looked up the Optometrist who works in Richmond, Dr. Francis Cheun. I came up with this review. The price is from $80 as of July 2011, by the way, so it's pretty recent. I'm not sure if there's any deals going on for Christmas.

    1 star Anonymous wrote this review on July 9, 2011
    Uses old fashion phoropter (glasses type) for the eye exam. Seems to get annoyed when asked to the switch the lens again on the phoropter when the images produced by two different lens seemed very close in clarity for me. He was reluctant to answer questions with long pauses before responding and really was not interested in why I was there. He was impatient and hurried for the exam and was anything but friendly. My prescription was inaccurate as my right eye still remains unclear after getting new glasses. I will never go back. Why pay $80 to feel uncomfortable and intimidated. Highly not recommended
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  10. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  11. Bull

    Bull Guest

    I called them they want $89, its covered only if your student.
  12. Ron

    Ron Guest

    NO! It's free, I'm not a student - I was there today & paid $89 and got the Dr and glasses!
  13. Cindy

    Cindy Guest

    Yep, Image Optometry are awesome - didn't cost me a thing, and got glasses for $38 bux!
  14. mission

    mission Full Member

    Good to know some independent chains like Image Optometry is offering free eye exam. The question that remains is were there any restrictions for that $89 (eye exam & prescription glasses) deal? Did the $89 deal include progressive or only single vision? What kind of coatings are included? What eye glasses frames are used? Did it include branded frames?

    Another optical store that has free eye exam is the optical store (Loblaw Optical) from the Real Canadian Superstore if you get the glasses from them. The following Real Canadian Superstores has an optical store:

    • Real Canadian Superstore - Vancouver Grandview
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Vancouver Marine Dr
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Coquitlam
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Delta
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Surrey Guildford
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Pitt Meadows
    • Real Canadian Superstore - Langley

    If you have Blue Cross coverage, you can get 33% off from the Blue Advantage Savings. If you do not, just wait for their sale which can be as much as 40% off.

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  15. linz

    linz Guest

    I just called Image optometry and it is the $80 sumthing dollors to get a eye exam. Its only less if you have a eye disability or a certain health care coverage
  16. mission

    mission Full Member

    I guess the free eye exam by Image optometry posted earlier is a one-time offer or something like that.

    The only free exam from big chain stores that I know of is Loblaw Optical.
  17. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Image Optometry runs that promo all the time. It's $89 for eyeglasses + exam. The key is that you have to purchase glasses for the eye exam to be free.

    See their website: http://www.image.ca/ for details.
  18. Lucinda

    Lucinda Guest

    For sure it isn't I was at Image optometry yesterday, they have a touchscreen thing like at the airport that guarantees your frames and lenses are the cheapest anywhere including all the online places, I couldn't believe it, I got D&G frames with my prescription for $88.00 wow
  19. mission

    mission Full Member

    Another optical store that has free exam is the store next to London Drugs in Lougheed Mall. Cannot remember the store name. They have a big banner outside the store advertising the free eye exam. This is a big store, they have a large selection of brands.
  20. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Only free if you buy glasses, but many want to buy from clearly contacts.

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