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Boba Bubble Tea Guide Vancouver

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by BBT Guy, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. BBT Guy

    BBT Guy Guest

    Found this useful boba guide and thought I would share if you're craving:

    Fresh Mango with Lychee with milk and no sugar at Dragonball Tea House (And with Pearls if I'm in the mood)

    Roasted Milk Tea at Chatime (With Pearls or Grass Jelly)

    Any of the milk foam at Sharetea. Milk Foam at Exposure in Richmond not bad either.

    Taro Ice Cream with Oreo crumbles at Bubble World. Their Wheat Germ Milk Tea is good too.

    Nothing specific at Coco, but everything is pretty good on their most popular menu. Roasted Milk Tea is good as well.

    Uji Matcha Latte with Black Sesame Pearls at Onezo. Their pearls are made fresh in house from scratch.

    Signature Brown Sugar Pearl Milk at Xing Fu Tang (If you're into brown sugar pearl milk. I'm not a fan of this particular drink).

    Black Sesame Ice Cream or Banana Ice Cream at L&G BBT on Fraser.

    Hot Cha BBT on Cambie for cheap but still good quality BBT for less than $5.

    Hokkado Milk Tea at Yuu Japanese Tapas (a restaurant). Haven't had better Hakkado Milk Tea anywhere else in Vancouver yet.

    Potted Plant Tea at Memory Corner. My ex liked the Rose Milk Tea at Sweet Memory. Same chain. The Milk Tea at Sweet Memory is pretty good too. Heck, their regular tea they serve you when you sit in and order food is really good too (with a hint of sweetness).

    I think Bubble Queen was the first in Vancouver to come out with chocolate BBT drinks like Ferro Rocher, Kit Kat, Toblerone, etc. They're good to try if you into chocolate flavors. I personally find them to be too sweet. Their fresh mango is raved about as well, but it's too sweet for me. I think during winter, they use canned mangos. Don't quote me on this.

    I don't get the YiFang chain. Maybe I'm just not a fan of fruit teas? But their sugar cane signature drinks are not bad.

    I do miss Pearl Drops that used to be on Willingdon in North Burnaby. They specialized in almost every single TEA you could find (Like David's Tea) and made into BBT in a very artisan way. I think they had a $20-$50 BBT as well back then.

    I've gone to a lot of other BBT places in Vancouver, but nothing comes to mind at this moment. Haven't tried the Alley yet. Maybe closer to Phase 4 I'll go out and give it a try lol

    Milk and Sugar quality I feel has gone down a lot over the years. They're still not bad though. but they don't have any special drinks that make them stand. They're just your mom and pop with your traditional BBT but with cheap prices. The Milk and Sugar BBQ restaurant at Joyce station is even worse for BBT! Don't order BBT there.

    I tried something really good at Taan Char at Crystalmal last year. I forgot what it was. I would need to revisit the store. But I remember the taste was absolutely amazing and it was just the perfect mild sweetness and it was like you were inhaling the flavor.

    For Non-Bubble Tea Drinks:

    Any of the drinks at Nana's Green Tea in Kerrisdale

    Thai Milk Tea from Thai Basil (Hole in the wall chain restaurant with 4 locations in Vancouver)

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