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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by igor, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. igor

    igor Junior Member

    Please be aware that Handyman Connection will give You a Labour quote with limited description of the work to be done at Your house, they do this limited description in case You have a dispute for the unprofessional ad unethical work they do, the Operations Manager named Haider Ghazi is a person who inspects the bad job done by the craftsman of Handyman Connection, He is very good at twisting facts in order to get Your money with the very least commission to the workers of Handyman Connection, I want to make people aware of this company/franchise, You will be better hiring another professional making sure to pay at completion, I trusted the so called "Total Home Protection" cliche from Handyman connection, oh boy I was wrong because it was a total rip off, don't ever, ever, ever again I will hire this dishonest and obnoxious pestilence, Handyman Connection is not a company that will serve You, they will scam You.
  2. that guy ghazi not only scam money from customers also from his workers and is a bully.
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  3. NoCaCa

    NoCaCa Guest

    more bad reviews about handyman connection in burnaby:

    • [​IMG]
      Diana M.

      Central, Vancouver, BC
      0 friends
      3 reviews
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      Run as far away as you can with this group. They completely ruined my bathroom tiling job and put in a used faucet that constantly dripped. What upset me too is that I had used them many times. The owner Haider said I was nitpicking when you can clearly see the tiles are crooked. They are the most crooked company around!! I'm going through a lawyer right now.

    • [​IMG]
      Jeremy H.

      Vancouver, BC
      90 friends
      7 reviews
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      First to Review
      We hired Handyman Connection in hopes of getting 3 things fixed. Nick, was the handyman they sent:
      1) installing a new light fixture
      2)installing a bathroom shelf
      3) securing a shower handle (aka mixer).
      The first 2 services were completed and the complaint remains with the 3rd service provided. The handyman had used silicon to secure the shower handle to the wall, however, it ended up rendering the unit useless. We were able to turn the shower faucet on and were not able turn the faucet off until we dismantled the shower handle ourselves, leaving an hour and a half of running hot water to waste. We asked to speak with a manager, hoping to have a reconciliation as we had paid for this service. They did arrange a time for a meeting. However, the operations manager met us at the doorway, refused to come in, and stated that there are always customers like us who are trying to take advantage of the company. They stated that their only job was to glue on the shower mixer, and not to make sure it is functioning. I argued that, as a professional handyman, they should have either refused to do the job or advise us that after installing the unit, our shower will not be functional. (To note, the shower was functional before, just the shower handle had fallen off). I hire a professional so that they may be able to fix my problem, and not to create another one. I sincerely hope that they are not doing this to other customers they have as the operations manager made it sound like many customers in their past had made complaints. He refused to even inspect, fix, or refund this issue, stating that the contract is black and white and that "installing the shower handle" did not mean that "it will function". But, in my opinion, isn't that what you hire a handyman for - so that when they install something, it functions? When I ask to speak to his supervisor, he stated that there is none and so when I ask to speak to the owner, he says there is none because it is a franchise. He continued to refuse to give me any other means of contact or information and stated, "you can try to call our office again". I hope to have this issue resolved and to spare future customers from horrible, complacent, and condescending customer service.

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  4. Bill

    Bill Full Member

    Their website can be deceiving then
  5. Hithere!

    Hithere! Guest

    Judging all the reviews those guys at handyman connection in Burnaby with that manager obviously are a gang of cynical bastards, it makes me angry to read the stupid answers from the manager to customers who hired the services of handyman connection, people should give a lesson to those scammers who send clowns that they call craftsman to fix things with glue or a spit. outrageous!
  6. Big Lew

    Big Lew Guest

    My rating for Handyman Connection in Burnaby and for the manager hayder ghazi
    five shits.

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