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Fashion & Beauty Best Vancouver Tattoo Shop or Favourite Local Tattoo Artist

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by tattoo me, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. tattoo me

    tattoo me Guest

    I'm looking for recommendations for where to go to get my first tattoo. Some of my friends have had bad experiences which ended up costing more to fix in the end so i want to avoid all that by doing my research. I realize that tattoo artists have their own style and specialize in certain themes and such. I'm really looking for suggestions, experiences or tattoo artist portfolios to sift through! Thanks!
  2. Changed Mind

    Changed Mind Guest

    This is my chance to share my wisdom haha! I spent a lot of time researching the same question but ultimately decided against getting a tattoo. If you find a tattoo artist that you like but they're not local, follow them anyway as some will travel and do guest spots or conventions.

    Commonly recommended reputable tattoo parlours in Vancouver

    Gastown Tattoo Parlour - http://gastowntattoo.com/
    The FALL - http://thefalltattooing.com/
    Sacred Heart Tattoo - http://www.sacredhearttattoo.ca/
    Dutchman Tattoos - http://www.dutchman-tattoos.com/
    Adrenaline - http://www.adrenalinevancity.com/

    For Asian style or Japanese style, these are popular options:
    Shoko Sonoda - http://www.shokoloco.com/
    Monkey King Tattoos - http://www.monkeykingtattoos.com, https://instagram.com/jeff_tam_monkeyking/
    Chad Woodley - http://www.tattoosbychad.com/

    This is a list from a former Vancouver artist, Adam Sky who's now in San Francisco:
    Tribal / Native: Mikel Johnson - http://mikel.ca
    Traditional Japanese: Shoko Sonoda - http://www.shokoloco.com/
    Classic American: Chad Woodley - http://www.tattoosbychad.com/
    Realistic Portraiture: James Acrow - http://acrow.ca/
    Lesbian/Feminist: Theresa Johnson - http://www.electroladylux.com/
    New School: Munk - http://blackrosetattoos.ca/section/337564_Mark_Munk_Jansen.html

    My favourite Vancouver tattoo artists that were on my shortlist
    Nomi Chi - http://nomi-chi.com
    Arlin Ffrench - http://arlotattoos.blogspot.ca/
  3. Gemrar

    Gemrar Guest

    I know you asked this a while ago, but depending on what you're looking for @graememaundertattoo is good check his work from Instagram :)

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