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Finances & Real Estate Best Place for Currency Exchange

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Hi all, I am traveling soon and would like to exchange some Canadian dollars to American, which place provides the best rates in Vancouver? TIA
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Avoid banks, their rates are horrible. Locally, Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange has the best rates especially if you print out their web coupon and get the preferred rate card. http://www.vbce.ca/

    VBCE Main Branch
    800 West Pender Suite 120
    Vancouver, B.C.,V6C 2V6

    VBCE South Granville Branch
    2576 Granville Street
    Vancouver, B.C., V6H 3G8
    p. 604-739-3997

    VBCE Richmond
    118-6061 No. 3 Road
    Richmond, B.C., V6Y 2B2
    p. 604-248-0777
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    To update my post from last year, other currency exchange places may be better for certain currencies.

    Kingmark has pretty good rates, so I would check them too. They have a branch at Crystal Mall.

    http://www.kingmark.ca/currecy rates.php
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Bump again, Charlie's Currency Exchange (CCE) often has better rates than VBCE and it looks like they update their rates over the weekend. http://charliescurrency.ca/rates/cce_rates.html

    I would check all three (Kingmark, CCE, VBCE) and go to the one with the best rate. Any other good currency exchange places that I'm missing? Some vendors had rates worse than banks!

    Also, does anyone know how the foreign exchange rates work during weekend hours? Do they just use the forex rates on Friday at market close? Thanks!

    Edit: Withdrawing my recommendation for Charlie's Currency Exchange (CCE) or at least the main branch on Granville. Had a very rude experience. I called them today to confirm a rate before heading over in person. Once I was there, the older guy said "no no I have too much yen" in a whiny, unprofessional tone.

    A "we have too much yen on hand at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience!" would have been sufficient.

    Terrible customer service. Even if they have better rates on their website, it makes no difference when they don't honour them in person even after confirming on the phone.

    AVOID and save your time by going elsewhere.
  5. Billy

    Billy Guest

    Don’t go to "EverForex" at 489 Richard St. just a block from VBCE. I was at EverForex recently to exchange for a mere US$500. They didn’t have that much cash and offered US$400 @ an agreed rate. I accepted but first they had to have my driver’s license, phone # and occupation. They scanned all that info onto an "agreement" where I had to sign a declaration that my source of funds was not from money laundering or some terrorist activities!

    All the information gathering and inputting into the computer took 15 minutes. I was then told that the rate has since gone up slightly and I would have to pony up a few more cents. It was only after an extended argument that they agreed to honor the first quoted rate. I then had to sign two more forms to confirm the handing over of cash. Vancouver Buillion (VBCE) a short walk away has better service and they always give me crisp new US$ notes.
    I'm fearful that my personal info might be used by EverForex for some unsavory purpose.
    milquetoast likes this.
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I've been using VBCE Online which is super convenient after it's set up. Rates are comparable to the preferred VBCE rate. If you're looking for a referral to enter their 1-oz silver coin contest, shoot me a PM. http://online.vbce.ca/

    Someone recently told me that Everforex had better rates than VBCE but sounds like they have some issues with their service so buyer beware. http://www.everforex.ca
  7. Joe Blow

    Joe Blow Guest

    I know this thread is old, but you should check out mycurrencybuddy.com, it will let you know the best places to exchange currency in Vancouver.
    Katie Chau likes this.
  8. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Good suggestion, I found a currency exchange place close by ... the site needs a little work but did the trick for me. Thanks Joe Blow (if that's your real name!)
  9. Katie Chau

    Katie Chau New Member

    I have been going this place called Happy Currency Exchange. They always have good rates and they are willing to match VBCE's rates too. Staff there are super nice and they are not as busy as VBCE so no long line-ups.

  10. Jackinvan

    Jackinvan Guest

    hi there, at Everforex we never misuse customer's info. our company has more strict policy. check out our rate at www.everforex.ca. we try our best to improve the service. if you have any concern please talk to me directly at (800) 699-4816 ext 909! and I will try to give a best rate. thanks!

    Jack J

    GM at Everforex
  11. Tiago

    Tiago Guest

    I have been working at Charlie's Currency Exchange for just over a year now, and I will share my sincere, personal opinion.

    This is my first employment in Canada, and the work environment is awesome! Charlie is the most friendly person I know here, and he treats his customers like family. There is not a single day at work where at least one customer doesn't ask to deal personally with him.

    I don't know exactly how things were in 2013, but I do know about the period I've been here. We have been working together very hard to give the best experience we possibly can for a currency exchange. We do, in fact, offer the best rates in Vancouver, and I know this because I help make sure of it.

    As for customer service, I hope I am doing a good job, because I see everyday the hard work Charlie puts towards his customers. And from what I have seen from our wonderful reviews on Yelp (https://www.yelp.ca/biz/charlies-currency-exchange-vancouver-2) and Google (https://plus.google.com/107528781171961304742/about), I think we are on the right track.

    In regard to having too much Japanese Yen (or any other currency), it is true that sometimes (especially on weekends), if we have too much of the currency and not a lot of Canadian, we might not buy a currency, but this is something every small business such as ourselves does, and that is what makes us able to offer the rates we do. We always recommend that our customers call us before coming in to buy or sell any currency in a larger amount, especially minor currencies. We don't always have it in stock, and can't always buy everything, as we are not a bank (thankfully). I know you are complaining about the way you were treated, however, and for that we are sorry. I know it has been almost three years, but I only found this post today, and felt like I should reply.

    The people currently working here are only Charlie, Rechel (the sweetest of us all :D) and myself, and I promise you nothing of this sort would happen today.

    As for honouring our website rates, we do. It updates every 15 minutes, and by the same system of our in-store computers (it is all run by a single server). And we have a screen outside the store with our website open for everyone to compare (and you can always check from your phone while you are here). But maybe you meant the fact that we didn't buy your Japanese Yen, in which case hopefully you understand the reason.

    If you ever need another currency exchange, I hope you will give us another chance to show how much we have grown since your last visit.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything we could do for you. Our phone numbers are 604-688-2500 and 604-688-2510.

    Our website is http://charliescurrency.ca.
  12. Gabrielle Damon

    Gabrielle Damon New Member

    I always use Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, they provide great conversion rates, amazing customer support they have, when you call ask for Jessica, she will guide you through the process.
  13. jacky

    jacky New Member

    I have one suggestion, there is a currency exchange in Richmond beside Marriott hotel called PCE currency exchange on Minoru Blvd. Its rates are better than VBCE especially when you buy USD EUR HKD JPY MXN and CNY. the staff told me that the store is the first currency exchange in Richmond and has been there for over 20 years. If i buy more then $3,000 dollars, they will give me a even better rate. you can even call them to book a rate, they can hold the rate for one hour, so there will be no surprise when you show up in the door.
    their service is fast and accurate, so I don't need to line up for 30 mins. This store really save me money and time.

    My go-to place, PCE CURRENCY EXCHANGE, their website : www.pcerichmond.ca, phone number: 604-244-1000 they have free parking in the back.

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