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Students BCIT Student Review

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by eshw, May 1, 2013.

  1. eshw

    eshw Guest

    Oh f**k I only have two more weeks to go to BCIT, but this school sucks, especially business school.

    Don't trust BCIT - any type of ads. All they want is your money, just like SFU.

    Did you know that BCIT has the lowest GPA in Canada? They cram everything to you (8 courses/semester) so how could one student learn in depth before the exam? Does cramming appeal to you since it is 3yr degree not 4yr??Well, think again. Do four year degree with reasonable amount of work, so that you have your life (at least 2hr/day) and be less stressed out.

    BCIT try to look good about advertising eJobs, but that sucks too. They say a lot of students get hired, but don't believe it too much. The students who got hired did it by themselves, and were lucky ones. BCIT doesn't help you in anyway to be successful in the real world.

    Big 4 doesn't hire BCIT students. Or, should I say.....hire one out of ten, vs. students from UBC?

    If you want to work with other students who care about bright future, serious about good marks, good team work, and who act professionally, go to a university. Don't waste your time and money by being tempted by their low admission requirements. Low admission requirements could mean something about the quality of students being accepted as well. Since this is the case, instructors don't care much as well.

    Go to UBC. I know they ask for a lot stuff for admission requirements. But, get through it. You'll thank yourself for doing that. You'll be more rewarded later as well. Good luck.
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I went to UBC and would argue that they're just as greedy for money as any other institution if not more so. For instance, the DAP accounting program is designed to rip off people with less marketable degrees like Arts and Sciences.
  3. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    I had a wonderful experience at BCIT. Our instructor was amazing. Had a good time.
  4. Gary Litte

    Gary Litte Guest

    I would pass. BCIT has become an organization full of unintrested and greedy instructors and administrators looking for a fat cheque with benefits. Worked my a$$ off for what? Instructors who could give a rats a$$ about thier students, whether they struggle, pass or fail? Students there are cattle, the school is nothing more than a cattle drive and everyone has a hand in your wallet.
  5. Mikey

    Mikey Junior Member

    I agree, I HATE BCIT with a passion. I went to their School of Business in Financial Management, graduated in 2001, and it was horrible. Teachers can't teach, teachers have no teaching experiencing - just work experience, many people learned nothing, overpriced books, NO job support or referrals upon completion, NO co-op, they don't use technology (i.e.: still using overheads), and very unfriendly teachers. At the end of the day, I was cheated out of fair marks and some courses were so poorly taught I had to do them again but of course they wouldn't refund me even though they were highly negligent (i.e.: a teacher was depressed he would come to class high or drunk - gets removed and his replacement butchers everybody's work so they all got poor marks - and they swept it under the rug.)

    As a result, I never found a good job to grow in and I have to do a career change, making the time I spent there entirely pointless. If you have to go here, maybe, just maybe the trade schools are worth it - if you have the money. Otherwise, for everything else, go somewhere else, it's easier, you have a better pace to work on your education, and there's a TONNE of more support when you're done.
  6. Hallo Wilkin

    Hallo Wilkin Guest

    Ask carefully all about BCIT Part-time courses where they said you can transfer the credits. But they don't said nothing clear about the money. Then if you plan going to Full-time courses, they accept you there and you will pay again for the same courses credits plus a transfer fee. ASK ABOUT, DON'T TAKE PART-TIME COURSES WITH SAME ACADEMIC CURRICULUM IF YOUR PLAN IS FULL TIME , EVEN THEY TAKE THE CREDIT OR SAID LOAD YOUR STUDY CHARGE. YOU WILL PAY AGAIN.
  7. Hallo Wilkin

    Hallo Wilkin New Member

    I agree with they want your money.

    Ask carefully all about BCIT Part-time courses where they said you can transfer the credits. But they don't said nothing clear about the money. Then if you plan

    going to Full-time courses, they accept you there and you will pay again for the same courses credits plus a transfer fee. ASK ABOUT, DON'T TAKE PART-TIME


  8. You guys are ignorant and stupid. As all schools, BCIT has its flaws. I am taking the Business Management full-time program and it is very good. It is difficult, but I have learned many things.

    FYI: they DO have internships and COOP. At the end of your diploma, you have to do a consulting project for a industry company of your choice.

    BCIT OLD GUY Guest

    BCIT does what it promises´╝îhelp u get employable skills but whether you can learn those skills depends on you. If you learn those skill, then you probably can land a job but whether you can grow in your job also depends on you.
  10. Jean-Guy

    Jean-Guy Guest

    BCIT has become all about the money. I took a course in business (Project Management) part-time studies and ended up having to correct the English of my team members. Not their fault as there are no language requirements or requirements of any kind. The classes are huge 30+ students so you get put into groups, with the excuse that you can't pick who you work with in real life. This is true, but if are a PM on a project you can ask for other resources. It is unfair to the English speakers who take the course as well as the ESL students who sign up. It causes unnecessary stress all around. The instructors are very mediocre and lack domain knowledge. Typical of a gready institution
  11. Cory Martin

    Cory Martin Guest

    I took the automotive program at BCIT. Worst school ever, teachers yell at you. Students talk and don't listen to lectures. Unfair grading especially for shop activities. For example a student who kisses up to the teacher will have a shop activity signed off. And a student who focuses on his work and asks for a practical assignment to get signed they get told to redo it. Teachers are not passionate about their trade and are teaching because they are too old to work in the automotive industry now. I do not recommebd this program. You won't learn anything. They cram full courses in to three days and the final exam is worth 70% please reconsider if you want to go to this school. Textbook fees will also be around $1000 for the first year. Just a heads up.
  12. BCIT is an awful school

    I was so excited to come to BCIT. I was ready to learn new things, meet new people, and become skilled at something I could build a life around. I was tricked. I learn useless concepts in a day just so I pass a test on it the following week. Nobody has time to socialize and most are in a bad mood because of the douchebag teachers. The skills they teach are useless in the real world.

    You never get enough time on tests or for labs. I can't count how many I've done poorly just because I can't write fast enough. Teachers arbitrarily cheat you out of marks all the time.

    They are doing everything they can to fail me so I will be forced to throw even more money (money I don't have) into the system. I'd leave, but they are holding my education hostage... I need it to qualify for a job and live a decent life. BCIT transfer credits are also useless for real universities, so I am stuck in this hell hole.

    Why do they force me to take courses that are not related to my program? Why is it a bad thing if all the students in a class do too well? What motivates a teacher to abandon the ideals of education and degrade into making peoples life awful just because they can? Why are these people so corrupt and terrible?

    All questions I can never understand the answer to. I hate this place
  13. luischen

    luischen Guest

    I went to BCIT for CST and graduated with honor but never got a job, most of my classmates didn't either. No employer in the lower mainland wants to hire BCIT grads because they know how bad BCIT is and how worthless BCIT graduates are.

    I am currently working at a warehouse making 15 dollars an hour and most of the people whom I graduated with aren't doing any better.

    I should've studied harder in high school and gone to a good university like UBC or SFU. If I did that, my life would be much better now.
  14. luischen

    luischen Guest

    My advise to people who are planing to go to BCIT; Don't. Work hard in high school and get good grades and go to UBC or SFU because they are both very good schools so people from these two schools can get great jobs and make a lot of money.

    As for BCIT, it sucks and nobody wants to hire us.
  15. luischen

    luischen Guest

    No employer in the lower mainland hires BCIT grads because BCIT is a no name, third tier school that no employer in the lower mainland gives a damn about.
  16. SFU grad

    SFU grad Guest

    I graduated from SFU and work at an engineering firm now. My company does not hire BCIT grads because BCIT is not a university. My company only hires university grads.
  17. luischen

    luischen Guest

    So true.

    University degree (UBC/SFU) = Great jobs

    Tech school diploma/degree (BCIT) = No jobs

    Because every company requires university degrees now even for entry level jobs, a BCIT diploma is simply not good enough for employers anymore.
  18. ubc grad

    ubc grad Guest

    I graduated from UBC and I look down on BCIT, I would never hire anyone from BCIT if I was an employer because BCIT is one of the worst schools in BC.

    I had 10 job offers before I graduated from UBC. Does anyone from BCIT receive any job offer before they graduate? Impossible. Because BCIT is a piece of shit in most employers's minds.
  19. ubc grad

    ubc grad Guest

    My company is the same. The company I work for only hires from good schools like UBC or SFU or other good Eastern schools like UofT, McGill, Queen's or Waterloo.

    BCIT is a shit school so we don't hire from BCIT. BCIT graduates usually end up unemployed and homeless.
  20. UofT grad

    UofT grad Guest

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