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Discussion Bad Furniture shopping

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by Lublublub, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Lublublub

    Lublublub New Member

    Metro Home Furnishings. This is a horrible furniture store in Richmond.
    They sell low quality products at a higher than neccessary price, but that is not even the horrible part.
    Caveat Emptor.
    They have no return policy at all.
    Four days after buying a table, we phoned to ask their return policy. After the clerk on the phone checked he said it was 10 days. On day number 10 we returned to the store to return the in box product - only to be told the return policy is 7 days. We said that the table did not work in our space and we were returning it, and we were told that this was not the store's fault it was our problem.
    We explained about the information we were told and the response was - well that clerk doesn't understand English and we shouldn't listen to anyone else.
    After a lot of discusion we were told they would exchange for store credit only. We agreed to this, only to be told that the credit note would only be for 50% of the purchase price.
    There is no published return policy and one was never mentioned during the sale. At the bottom of the invoice it states that there is no return on sale items (which this was not), and there is no mention of other returns (hence the phone call).

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