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Atlassian Community known issues and changes

Discussion in 'Questions and Feedback' started by joeclark, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. joeclark

    joeclark Junior Member

    Hello guys,

    Here are some of the major changes you will see from Atlassian Answers:
    There is no ability to comment on a question, only answer it.
    No @mentions yet. [Coming soon]
    If you watch a collection, you will get updates via a digest, and not via individual emails. [You can now select either way in your notifications settings]
    The system does not auto-subscribe you to a question when you respond to it. [This is enabled by default now and can be changed in your notifications settings]
    Inline images to old posts were migrated as attachments only.
    No user bios were migrated and they are not yet being displayed. [Bios now being displayed]
    The team is also hard at work clearing the backlog of known issues. Here is what we have remaining:
    When a post is edited by the author, the tags are stripped out! [This should now be fixed]
    Intermittent errors with using header formatting.
    Tag does not register if you hit Enter. [Use Tab]
    Spellcheck working in the subject line, but not in the body of posts.
    After commenting on a long post, or after the comments on the post get too long, the post itself disappears when you scroll back up.
    When visiting a question/discussion and being prompted to log in before replying, the system kicks you back to the homepage instead of back to the content you were viewing. [Fixed]
    Search does not find people's profiles or content (only content in which they are mentioned) [On our list]
    Issues with multi-page threads: the notification email takes you to page one even if the comment is on the 2nd page. Also, if you leave a comment on the 2nd page, page will refresh and send you back to page one. [Fixed]
    When search results are many pages long, there is no link to go to the last page of the results -- you have to keep clicking next.
    Search on mobile sometimes autocorrects text [This should now be fixed]
    Frankenposts: when a post is moved, it becomes associated with unrelated replies. [Fixed.]
    Some users are reporting that they are not getting community emails. Please continue to report this issue so we can figure out if there is an underlying pattern to which users are affected. [Fixed]


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