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Ask Me Anything About McDonald's!

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by JimJamJum, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. BCMike

    BCMike New Member

    will they ever bring back the shamrock shake?
  2. JimJamJum

    JimJamJum New Member

    @Mike I believe the shamrock shake is only on saint patrick's day or around that day, I have never had one myself though
  3. mon

    mon New Member

    When will the next 2 can dine coupons come out? I seriously want some filet o fish!
  4. sh0n

    sh0n New Member

    Not sure about this.

    Sometimes I get fries that taste bitter (assuming its from the old and reused oil)
  5. o

    o Junior Member

    i got them coupons in the mailbox todayyy
  6. mcleo

    mcleo New Member

    i am a team leader about to become swing and i need to know what (8, 11 saves time during breakfast) abd what (8, 9 saves time during reg menu) means.??? if you know this would help.
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Got my coupons for the first time in years. I think my mailman takes them =\.
  8. ophelia

    ophelia Guest

    Hi, i recently got hired at mcdonalds in ontario, so far i've only assisted to the orientation and i am booked for my training next week on sat oct 13, however, i got a call today form another employer, which was actually the job that i was most interested in, and they asked me to come for an interview on friday oct 12. My question is...Lets say nail the interview on friday and they give me the job...can I just change my mind about working at mcdonald's ? (even when i supposedly got paid for assisting to the orientation and was given the platinum card)
    Im really worried about this since I dont wanna end up with no job.

  9. stack

    stack Junior Member

    Will MacDonald put chicken wings on their menu?

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