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Services Are you in Need of a Renovation or a Custom Built Home?

Discussion in 'Classifieds - Buy, Sell and Trade' started by RidgewaterHomes, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. RidgewaterHomes

    RidgewaterHomes New Member

    IN 2016 DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME... Call Ridgewater Homes

    Ridgewater Homes Ltd. is a BC based design build general contractor and construction manager that has been operating within the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area since 2008.

    As one of Vancouver’s and the Lower Mainland’s premier builders, Ridgewater is renowned for providing appealing designs and reliable quality. Our work includes custom builds, renovations, heritage restorations and commercial projects. We have achieved this by employing some of the best talent within their fields of expertise. To date, this is evident in our completed projects and our clients’ testimonials. Our team is committed to professionalism, quality work, ethical practices as well as keeping current within their industries. We also adhere to high construction standards which include Building Green, recycling and environmental waste issues.

    Each of our projects have been uniquely innovative. We have blended various architectural styles, quality building materials, modern conveniences and the finest custom finishes in order to create a beautiful and functional timeless space.

    Be rest assured that Ridgewater has your best interests in mind and we want to provide you with a project that will bring you many happy memories for years to come.

    Let’s Build Something Great!


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  2. LittleFinger

    LittleFinger New Member

    It looks good! As you're a dab hand at renovating what are your thoughts on vinyl siding http://sidinginvancouver.com/vinyl-siding.html? I want to change who my house looks. Now the current wooden siding is rotten, paint is chipping and fading. Is it a good option?
  3. Rennovarea

    Rennovarea New Member

    Rennovarea home renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations and remodelling is another option where we can upgrade your kitchen and/or bathroom to create a whole new look for much less than you might expect.

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