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Anyone get COVID? What was it like for you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Corona, Apr 24, 2022.

  1. Corona

    Corona Guest

    I'm fully vaxxed. Might have got it but was during the time where they didn't let you test and before the proliferation of rapid tests.
  2. Algia

    Algia Guest

    it was terrible, i'm triple vaxxed as well. i suspect i would have been dead if i didn't get the jab. is there anyone local who has long covid symptoms? i'm 4 weeks and feeling much better but i'm still not 100%
  3. Elmware2020

    Elmware2020 Guest

    Working in the food industry, we were queued to get our shot in March. Just as we were to go in, there was an outbreak at work, and I was unlucky enough to test positive.

    I had a dry cough, and felt somewhat disoriented, or slightly dizzy. My body ached all over. It hurt to sit or even lay still in one position for too long. Although the coughing was pretty mild. After a cople days, I threw up and suddenly the dizzy felling went away.

    After two weeks, I started noticing a slight pain in my left leg. Each day it got slightly worse. I came into work one day, and I was in terrible pain by the end of the day. I called a doctor, but they couldn't see any swelling at the time, while on video call. It kept getting worse, that I eventually went to the hospital. They had to book me for ultrasound, and found several blood clots. I was put on blood thinners for 6 months. The pain went down after a couple days of taking the blood thinners.

    I tell people, if, after getting COVID-19, they feel pain in their legs, DO NOT ignore it. Blood clots can be fatal, should it dislodge and go to your heart or lungs.

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