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Anurag Gupta

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zentime, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. zentime

    zentime New Member

    Business coach based in Vancouver, BC....I feel strongly compelled to warn people about this [removed] business coach after attending his workshop. His website is here: http://www.thedifferenceengine.ca. He keeps his identity anonymous - likely because many have had a negative experience with him also - who knows why he hides. If he's so good, why doesn't he publish a biography online or share his background? If he's such a sought-after speaker, why are there no video clips of him?

    This man has no coaching credentials and no track record of ever owning and operating a successful business. All the testimonials on his website are smoke and mirrors. He's basically the Tom Vu of business coaches....[removed]. He name drops all the time and reminds you constantly that he "coached" Chip Wilson and implied he's partially responsible for Lululemon's success...other execs at the company would strongly disagree. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

    Potentially libelous content removed as requested by The Difference Engine CEO. - Moderator
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  2. droid

    droid Junior Member

    No problem, I don't even know who he is in the first place.

    Ps. I did not click the link and have no intention of doing so ;)
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    What are you talking about? Tom Vu is awesome!

    "Do you think these girls like me? NO, they like my money!"
  4. I'm Anurag's ex-girlfriend and consider him one of my best friends.

    Did you apply the coaching he gave you at the business workshop? If so, what were the results? That's the pudding in which we might find the proof about Anurag's work.

    He doesn't market himself at all online because he doesn't need to. People are actually clamoring to work with him.

    Chip Wilson was dropping Anurag's name at the last talk he gave. I'll see if I can find it online.
  5. Mark Land

    Mark Land Guest

    A One Trick Pony on the way to the glue factory.
  6. Old Walter

    Old Walter Guest

    Anurag Gupta is a poeerful and generous man. He gave me $10,000 to open up my candy shop and I have never looked back.

    You sir are a slanderer!
  7. Devan Deepal

    Devan Deepal Guest

    What? He gave you only $10,000. He gave me $50,000 to open a pizza parlour and I send free pizza to him everyday.
  8. Lyn Norton

    Lyn Norton Guest

    I'd really like to see this Vanda!
  9. Hi Lynn. You can see me if you like. Vanda Mikoloski. I'm a writer, comedian and yoga teacher. Pretty good online platform.
  10. Bryan RVP

    Bryan RVP Guest

    Anurag Gupta was hired for a "Coach" for the company before I came in. After seeing him a couple of times and listening to him drop names like LULU lemon I decided to check him out and found he really has no successful background in business that would lead anyone to believe he could help. He was to take information from multiple meetings and create deliverables for marketing and company direction. It was this lack of performance that made me suspicious of this company and individual. After over a year we were going into a meeting with almost all our customers and with the delays we were forced to trust he would deliver. What he brought was a an elementary warm calling plan to expand customer base on existing customer files. This could have been done in 2-3 hours and was hardly a marketing plan. Then when we received a deposit from a client to open another location for us he met with them secretly and convinced them to invest in another of his clients companies that he either had or was working on a share of ownership. They ask for there deposit back and we gave it to them and upon further investigation we confronted him and he admitted as much. He does have an appeal in the first meeting and can speak but no background to support such claims and boasting he does. If LULU lemon was so happy with his work why not recommend him? No calls were returned when I tried nor did anyone know who he was at that company. Caution is the name of the game here.
  11. Howard

    Howard Guest

    I bought GRIT from Anurag Gupta

    and now I am a millionaire!

  12. Mark Land

    Mark Land Guest

    Looks like the leeches have finally left. Good riddance
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  13. WE&A

    WE&A Guest

    I agree as well. These guys will suck the blood out of you before they move on
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