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Arts & Culture Anime Revolution 2012

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cosmoze, May 11, 2012.

  1. Cosmoze

    Cosmoze Guest


    Anime Revolution is an upcoming anime/gaming convention in Vancouver in the Vancouver Convention Centre (close to the Skytrain and Marriott hotel) on August 17-19; perfect for the summer! There are plenty of activities to do and see such as an Sailor Moon English dub anniversary panel and plenty of cosplays to see!

    If this catches your eye, join our forums to meet fellow fans and preregister!
  2. Semi

    Semi New Member

    For anyone that is attending the con, we have Westjet flight and hotel discounts (they are seperate discount by the way) :)
  3. nakiyoshi

    nakiyoshi New Member

    It's a great opportunity to get deep with the anime community!
  4. Slooooosh

    Slooooosh New Member

    WestJet & Hotel discount? Naw, my Upass should suffice as my mode of transportation for AR this August lol.
  5. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Is it free admission? I will only go if I get in free.
  6. angeliceternity

    angeliceternity New Member

    It's $75 for a 3 day pass, but pre-reg is still valid till July 31 for $60; $55 for Friday only, $60 for Saturday only and $50 for Sunday only...you'll get to see a lot of sailor moon and Funimation guests for the deals and many more!!!
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Oh how things change. I remember times when the closest anime convention was Sakura-Con in Seattle.
  8. Slooooosh

    Slooooosh New Member

    Hopefully now we'll have our own Sakuracon sized con one day... Or maybe even bigger? I didn't think much of AR when it was first announced, but everything looks really good and I can't wait now.
  9. Slooooosh

    Slooooosh New Member

    With only two days to go, it seems like AR is going to be HUGE. Can not wait. Anyone else going?
  10. yuusei

    yuusei New Member

    lol YES. public transport ftw.

    I can't wait to get lots of cosplay photos of everyone there!
  11. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Redpocket has $10 off admission on their "Lucky Coupon" thing. https://www.facebook.com/TheRedPocket/app_346071015449306

    $10 off: Single Day Admission Passes
    Anime Revolution Convention

    Get ready for Anime Revolution, Vancouver’s newest anime convention, held in the prestigious Vancouver Convention Centre. Prepare for 3 days of live panels, musical performances, talented cosplayers, gaming, and many other festivities. Stay tuned for the full schedule of events and promotions leading up to the big weekend.

    Tickets: Available at the door

    Deal Includes:
    • $10 off: Any single day admission pass (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
    Redeemable at: 999 Canada Place (East Wing) - Vancouver, BC

    Fine Print: Must present coupon prior to purchase. This coupon has no cash value, and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or promotions. Only printed coupons accepted. Limit 1 per person.

    Expires: August 19, 2012
  12. OnePiece

    OnePiece Guest

    Tickets are very pricey... =/ Is Anime Revolution the same as Anime Evolution?
  13. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  14. puripuri

    puripuri New Member

    I'm going to AR 2013! I want to cosplay as a Pokemon for X and Y...
  15. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    I didn't even bothered to finish Pokemon White Version 2.
  16. nakiyoshi

    nakiyoshi New Member

    Last Pokemon I played was Soul Silver T_T

    I want to cosplay from Fire Emblem XD Or Magi :p
  17. puripuri

    puripuri New Member

    One of the best parts about cosplaying for a convention is using public transit
  18. angeliceternity

    angeliceternity New Member

    There was a type when I transit with a friend who dressed up as no face from Spirited Away and she was too tall to fit through the doors in costume XD
  19. Spyrogenes

    Spyrogenes New Member

    Im so stoke for this con especially with its guest line up!! Vic Mignogna and Caitlin Glass :D I'll be coming down from Alberta to visit my family relatives this summer talk about an awesome timing! Btw are there any chances AR will have japanese guests this year?:D
  20. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    I met the girl who does Ash's voice in Pokemon at the Fan Expo.

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