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Alternate whites?

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by joeclark, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. joeclark

    joeclark Junior Member

    I'm happy with my new tunic top. It's petite; I'm 174 cm, could've worn the regular as a dress. But I don't think the crops are the best look for it, do you? These white pants go all the way down, but the waistband is elastic, with gathers and a drawstring, so would bunch up, ruining the whole lengthening effect of the tunic. I could try my jeans shorts, think the form would be good, but the dark denim would ruin the stark white-blue contrast, don't you think? I don't want to buy white jeans right now. I've had them in the past and loved them, but they're an item for my target body shape, not now. So my question is: what else, besides slim-fitting ankle length white pants, goes well with this tunic, with this body?

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