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Alert - Vancouver Scam Artist Be Careful - Thu Waston

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stanio, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Stanio

    Stanio New Member

    Vancouver might be a great place to live but like every big city or small city there are people out there that are willing to take advantage of other people

    One person to bear in mind is Thu Watson who has milked many people out of money

    So people beware as she is one of the biggest scam artists in our city

    Read this website about her

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  2. Globenet

    Globenet Junior Member

    On Man I heard about Thu Watson

    Watch out Vancouver this person has tried to scam so many people

    I know at least two people that she has tried to scam

    She is a rip off artist and "designer" that will rip people off money or start a job and then scam them

    BEWARE vancouver of Thu Watson

    She will steal you money and con you

    For all Vancouverites share this link to everyone so they are not ripped off

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  3. Alexis

    Alexis New Member

    Thanks for sharing this guys. My husband and I have filed an official complaint as well (Apparently they already have tons!). Thu Watson had us big time. BTW, her book on interior design is a complete fake! There is no sign of it on Google or anywhere. She is a total fraud.
  4. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... how much cash did everyone here have defrauded from them personally?
  5. JSOC

    JSOC Guest

    read this website below.

    It is the works of Houng Nga Cran, a.k.a., Houng Nga Huynh, a.k.a Vicky
    Read all about Houng Nga Cran/Houng Nga Huynh (a.k.a. Vicky)

    Now, Vicky's own people are writing in because they are feeling guilty!! read below.

  6. Shelly

    Shelly Guest

    What police??? What drama are you trying pull this time?? Give me my money back!!!
  7. Thu Victim

    Thu Victim Guest

    Please email me at [email protected] to discuss actions we can collectively take to get our money back from this con artist.

    Another Victim
  8. Thu Victim

    Thu Victim Guest

    We have been scammed too. Email me your phone number and let's discuss what we can do to get our money back. My email is [email protected]. I have a few ideas on how we can turn up the heat.

    To innocent consumers: If you are even remotely thinking of doing business at TWR Designs or with Thus Watson, DONT!!!
  9. exwatson

    exwatson New Member

    Sorry but Lmao..is She married to Peter?
  10. Lan

    Lan Guest

    Thu Watson was married to Peter Watson. She is now divorced 45 years old woman with no children. She was a prostitute back in the old days 20 years ago in Singapore where she met Peter as her client n lied to people about her stayed in Singapore to study English. Her sister Lanh last name either Phan or Pham also a scam artist has filed for bankruptcy in 2010 to avoid payment to people and to ripped off the bank and credit cards. They ripped off lots of people check out all the court documents.

    The last time I have heard they ripped off 2 others vietnamese sisters for over 2 millions their first name are Michelle and Jennifer both are also into real estates making honest hard earned money and had taken them to court in 2010. Thu Watson hired lawyer but he resigned as she also ripped him off from not paying his fee.

    I know them through vietnamese community and personally has lost over a million through their scam as well. Sorry My English is not that great - they are both well known as scam and vietnamese people are trying to avoid being associated with them. If you like to know more about them do contact me here

  11. Mai

    Mai Guest

    I do want to know more about this scam bitch. What is ur contact?
  12. Thu Victim

    Thu Victim Guest

  13. Thu Victim

    Thu Victim Guest

    My family and friends have been scammed by her also. What is your contact? shes ruining/ruined so many people's lives and it's time for her to stop

  14. Do not do business with thu Watson. Give her money and you will never see it again. If you're lucky, she will show up at your house with cheap china furniture instead of just disappearing with your money.

    She's in the market of scamming the wealthy Chinese now. She takes advantage of the fact that they are new here and don't know any better.

    Thu Watson is an evil evil woman whose sole purpose in life is to rip people off of their hard earned money. People stick around and don't sue her to the ground, for the slightest chance that they may get paid back. Do not listen to her LIES and EXCUSES, do not believe the SHOWS she puts on for people. Just stay far far away from her and do not give her a single dollar.

    There are many many other great, reputable, and honest designers/stagers in town. Save yourself the headache and hire them instead!
  15. Moe

    Moe Guest

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