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$54/mth Koodo Mobile 6GB LTE Unlimited Talk Text Plan DEAL

Discussion in 'Classifieds - Buy, Sell and Trade' started by crazyconsumer, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. $54/mth Koodo Mobile 6GB LTE Unlimited Talk Text Plan DEAL

    Bring your own phone or get one on Tab from Koodo today.

    Professional Plan Switch Fee: $50 = One Time ONLY
    -- LIMITED TIME OFFER ••••••••••• RECEIVE a $50! Referral Bonus Statement Credit! •••••••••••

    ** Signing up for a local Koodo Monthly Plan is required for us to switch you over to the $54 6GB Unlimited Plan**

    Promotional Plan details:
    - No Term Contract
    - Unlimited All-Across Canada Calling
    - Unlimited Canada + USA + Worldwide Texting + Picture Messaging
    - Voicemail 10
    - Caller ID
    - Call Waiting + Conference Calling (3-Way calling).
    - 6GB Canada-Wide LTE Data.

    Keep your same phone number from your current carrier and enjoy a service that is not only realiable but also fast, up to the times that we live in from coast to coast across Canada.

    New Customers ONLY! - Welcoming all Rogers Fido Telus Bell Virgin Mobile Wind Mobile Mobilicity Public Mobile and Chatr Wireless users to take advantage of this great plan.

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