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You Don't Want to Work for Compass Group Canada!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Dana Reid, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Dana Reid

    Dana Reid Guest

    So I heard that Compass Group Canada is a really bad company to work for. Whenever I hear about a company not being good to work for I always need to know if it really is that bad, it's just my nature. I did some searching around on the web and found comments from former employees, etc., and it seems like it's a pretty bad company when it comes to working environment. I then heard Compass Group Canada recently took over the running of the restaurants at all of The Bay department stores. As a result, I decided to check out the restaurant they have on the 6th floor at The Bay here in downtown Vancouver again. It really is not the same as it used to be. When I was there a few times last year it was great. The food is pretty much the same but the atmosphere is like being in a funeral parlour. I kind of feel sorry for the employees that have to work in this type of environment. Why can't employers understand that in order for employees to be productive they need to work in an environment that inspires them to be productive?!? It's ridiculous when employers feel that a pay cheque is enough to satisfy their employees and feel that this gives them the right to treat their employees however they want. I thought the dark ages were over, but I guess not.
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  2. mz_angel

    mz_angel Junior Member

    Wow, that's terrible!! The food at the Bay is amazing and now that just makes me not want to go there during my lunch to see all these sad employees :(
  3. mission

    mission Full Member

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  4. I know they have to do a lot in a short time making you work faster
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  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    My mom works for them. They lay workers off like flies unless you have seniority. They're good if you need benefits and extended health (provided you don't get laid off), but the management and pay scales are crappy. Turn over is high.

    Anyone know how they compare to Sodexo and Aramark? I'm sure all of these companies suck, but there has to one that's slightly less evil than the rest.
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  6. The terminated

    The terminated New Member

    I worked for Compass group Canada in Victoria. I would love to state the managers name but don't want a law suit on my hands. THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE WORST WORST ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR. I have been working for 35 years in many different jobs and have never seen so many issues in my life. I was a Union employee but the Company never followed the rules and regulations outlined in the Collective agreement. All employees always have had to fight for what they are entitled to in the way of pay and seniority positions. They do not offer benefits to you either without a fight. If you stand up for yourself, they fire you without cause. The place is a total disaster and NO ONE is happy there. If you don't want to have a nervous breakdown, DO NOT WORK FOR COMPASS GROUP CANADA. Did I mention this is the WORST COMPANY to work for.
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  7. Hannah

    Hannah Guest

    Sorry for butting in on your thread and, perhaps, rather late but I was looking at what Compass Group have been up to outside of England and happened upon your discussion. Here, in England, they have health contracts and are attempting to reduce the wages of staff, already on low pay as hospital cleaners, by 20%!
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  8. Stig O'Hara

    Stig O'Hara Guest

    Compass Group bought out the company I work for. Searching the internet for information about them I found out they are supposedly a top 100 company in Canada with benefits that are good for their employees. Complete BS.

    They still don't pay ANY sick days, raises are kept at well below the cost of living increases and they have some weird system where they pay out holiday pay in cash every July instead of how it is legally supposed to be done in BC which is to be paid out just before an employee takes his/her vacation (unless otherwise agreed on between employer and employee).

    It's really no different than any other low budget, could not care less about their employees company.
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  9. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Those BC and Canada's Top 100 Employers awards are worthless and rigged. The surveys are often filled out by bosses and management and not the employees themselves, though I can't say if Compass does this. I do know that this happens with restaurant chains who always end up on the list.
  10. Stig O'Hara

    Stig O'Hara Guest

    Yep, the Compass takover of the company I worked for is complete as of the start of this year. Complete with having to sign pages and pages of confidentiality clauses (will not talk about company on social media) and will not engage in relationships with co-workers.

    Oh yeah, then they fired me.
  11. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    For writing about them online?
  12. Dianne Derksen

    Dianne Derksen New Member

    Compass Group Canada was voted No. 1 employer for one reason and that was because of the number of people they employ. And, who voted them? Government of Canada, for generating tax dollars and creating employment. The Government of Canada should vote on the worst employer of the year and Compass would win hands down. I myself have dealt with this company since 2004. I became injured on duty in 2010 , came back to work ask for aide for my physical impairment and recieved none. What I got was a reduction of hours and more work. I simply asked for 3 hours help on my Sunday shift where I was doing the work of 2 people and the result in the end was multilevel Cervical Spondylosis that included a herniated disc in my neck. In 14 months I became disabled and on CPP Disability Benefits, which is not enough. I filed a WCB/Discrimination on my disability, denied. Contined to work under their conditions became permanently disabled. Tried to file compensation withWCB was fought by the employer/denied. The employer did not file my report. WCB did not take my claim of "Aggravation of a pre-existing disease seriously. Filed a discrimination complaint with HUman Rights/Out of time!! Have a book to write, on the conduct of the employer, there is so much more detail that I can prove but no one is listening, it is absolutely disgusting what they do to their employees. The have lied, cheated, stole and cripple their employees. Compass is very good at "muddying the waters" and misleading, giving false information and fudging documents to suit their purpose. IN my search for a labor lawyer, I could not believe the amount of labor law lawyers they have retained, where they could not act for me due to conflict. I believe there are many of us out there, including the writers in this forum that have witnessed, been subject to, the Hitler ways of this Company.
    I worked at a Hospital where they were the private contractors. They do not belong in Health care. They focus on profit, not the needs of the patients.
    Hats off to this forum and I hope people that have not worked for this company read this forum to deter them from considering working for them, otherwise they may be writing their own experiences here.
  13. Stig O'Hara

    Stig O'Hara Guest

    I was called into managements office, a bunch of papers were placed in front of me and they told me I was being terminated "without cause". No explanation whatsoever.

    Evil, evil company. On a whim I searched their name on Youtube, and the first video is a news story (Omairi vs Compass Group Canada) where a man claimed that they actually hired hitmen from the US (Blackwater) to off him. The next video, posted by someone completely different is one about the tar sands. Full of nasty accusations that mention the same Blackwater mercanaries.
  14. Stig O'Hara

    Stig O'Hara Guest

  15. feaslebaum

    feaslebaum Guest

    The real problem here is who brought them to B.C. in the first place......the B.C. Fiberals under the leadership of one Gordon Campbell....this piece of work is now enjoying limos and private chefs in his new role as high commissioner of B.C. to great Britain....or some such title as was afforded him by the Harper conservatives.....Liberals they are not!!!....but because of their Goebbels like propaganda machine funded by the corporations they allow to run amuk...(see compass group)....working people...(see middle class).....are being squeezed to the breaking point. Nothing will change here until this bunch of back room dealing thieves are ousted from power.
  16. Rob Lamb

    Rob Lamb Guest

    I can witness the Alberta Compass Group Canada since I was there for a year. I know this place inside out whether if they are in the higher level management team or lower level to janitor. If you want to be in the management team, you have to deny your integrity and do whatever your boss desire even someone get their lives destroy and that’s your job. Take your paycheck, zip your mouth. If you know someone coming after you, better quit fast. The lower title employee encounter harassment from a manager? You can’t report or get discipline and even termination. They get false witnesses to accuse you and falsify your statements to deny your evidence in court and people died.
  17. mandy

    mandy Guest

    I work for compass canada in ontario im the tire technician for the honda plant....my boss is a complete idiot and bully. She has lied to me several times about a raise i still havent receive since jan, told me to find another job if im not happy. Oh and was told raises arent based on marit. Then what are raises based on. If you do a shitty job and don't come to work you will get a promotion. If you do an awesome job you get more put on your plate with less pay! So if you want to be treated like dirt, bullied on a regular, lied to everyday and belittled this is the company for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I plan on teaching this company a lesson

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