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Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by Chocolate, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Chocolate

    Chocolate Guest

    I won a couple of chocolate tasting vouchers from Forum Vancouver a few months back and promised to write a review......so here it is!
    Xoxolat is the name of the company the vouchers were for. They are located on Burrard, around 8th. The tasting was about an hour long. The woman teaching it is the owner of the store. I don't know for certain but she seems to be one of those ladies who owns the store as a hobby. And that's a good thing because she was really generous with the samples! Her enthusiasm really showed while talking about the different types of chocolate, the areas the beans are grown and the different techniques to make chocolate. It was pretty neat to try the different chocolates; who knew that two 80% dark chocolates could taste so totally different! After the class, we got to take home an 18 piece box of chocolates (pre-boxed so you don't get to choose but it was a great selection!). I think the cost of the voucher was $18 (free for me!) and totally worth it. I think to just buy the 18 piece box is around $30 do its definitely a great deal! My only suggestion is that because the tasting is done right in the store, and it's a small store, that maybe some chairs should be brought in. Everyone just stands in a big circle ANC it looked done peod were getting tired.

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