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~Workplace bullies and other such low lives

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oliver Koslik, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member

    My supervisor from my work, just had to let me know today, that he is a low life scum sucking piece of shit bully. That harasses his workers similar to how QualiaSoup describes, in his videos on Youtube.

    "And~he's" got little "displays" of needless hurt that are a great example of; exactly the type of person, that will relentlessly and ruthlessly bully someone due to an emotionless egocentric game that:
    Involves, however excludes their target from involvement.
    So as to maintain the bias that confirms their reason for exclusion.
    All the while hiding in the shadows of cowardice & denial.

    Basically, He's saying (verbatim) that he "has to" -Because- (drum roll):
    "He has to be able to prove he can".

    Apparently (upon deduction over the past 10 years) these people want to be very clear in portraying that:
    They are -entitled- to being a part of my personal life, and furthermore entitled to, being abusive to me because of it. AND expect me to be upset, or remorseful, or hurt when they are hurtful or shameful to me.
    All because they are disappointed and offended at something I "supposedly" did to offend everyone else in the privacy of my own life/home? Without knowing that these people were/are capable of knowing what I did/do, upon query?!? lol...seriously?

    As well being totally absolved of any wrong doing in causing "collateral damages", in the wake of his own personal actions based upon personal beliefs. But whats best is how he actually apologies when he does!
    Probably how he envisions really cool psychos like Hannibal Lecter would,
    as he cut out someones internals.

    Hannibal: {holding knife @ gut & totally vapid of emotion} "I'm terribly sorry my dear, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut out your liver".

    It doesn't get much more fucked up and deluded than that...These people are the cause of their own problems...
    For reason of an imaginary and delusional example? It seems as if they see me as a patsy to their authority, that is established,
    in response to the violence, that their so called "authority" creates. Wtf...lol

    The mentalities in question, that pathologically and emotionally or psychologically perturb peoples social/private/work lives, for simple sensationalism. While holding no responsibility or guilt to their intended goal (of creating instances workplace/school/domestic violence).
    Are the ones that burned people only 200 years ago. These are the social shit stains. Not the ones that suffer addiction, and life disturbances, due to endured violence and isolation. They use psychological/emotional violence to create physical/sexual violence, that therefore (usually) results in the incarceration or institutionalization or elimination (burnt at the stake) of their target.

    So to all the other scum sucking bully witch hunter types in Vancouver...that openly cause problems for people,
    and then have the schizophrenic audacity to critique, bitch and complain about the problems that stem from their actions...
    Suck a bag of dicks. Choke on the dicks, and then save yourself, by halving to swallow the dick.

    Although I do remain happy and stable, and even more so confident that this will improve, without incident or escalation. As well in all fairness I think that extenuating individual external pressure can be claimed in certain cases.
    Its new, and the novelty is prolly pretty hard to ignore.

    Hopefully in the future he will smarten the fuck up and pray to his ridiculous faith that "part 4" doesn't spawn in GTA5...Cuz I just used a wanted level cheat. -Because- of something stupid, him and his friends "had to do"...to prove (really only just) "that they can"; use little pspy-toys (no typo), and "infect" someones social life with constant debacle.

    Their evident confidence issues including what are more than likely even deeper neuroses fester inner/inward negativity. They exist solely as a parasite on society that leach their want/need of violence from whom ever they see fit.

    So to the super sly n' secret sandy stalker, he so seemingly aspires to be:
    "Touche" ...shit eater

    P.S. Oh by that I mean I put shit toilet water in your coffee cup way back in July @ Olympic village when I went to the shop to buy us coffee.
    So technically you've already eaten/drunk my shit asshole... Cuz "I had#2"
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  2. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member

    Hmm seemed to have gotten a double post (5min before) there.
    I was trying on Craigs List ( Ergo the formatting screw ups ) and I guess the admin wouldn't pass it for some reason.
    So I came here :) The quality is not my best, a few hours isn't enough for something that large for me.
    The few a the 2-3 paragraph are pretty embarrassing... Kinda silly Forum Vancouver doesn't allow you to edit/delete a post!!!
    Nice site though thanks for the rant space!

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